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20 Jun 2018
President Tino Fernández presented on Tuesday his project for the next five years. There aren’t too many changes, the main one is the arrival of Ramón Piña.

The club is planning in making elections at the beginning of July, for now only current president Tino Fernández has presented his candidacy, which is basically an extension of his current administration at the club. He presented himself on Tuesday’s night. The following are the main subjects that were presented.

Board of directors:The board will be composed by five men. Four are the same ones working with the club at this point: Enrique Calvete (secretary and financial advisor), Juan José Jaén (advisor), Martín Pita (social advisor) and Daniel Ramos (media advisor).

The novelty is the arrival of Ramón Piña, who is going to replace Fernando Vidal as sporting advisor. Piña is a former player of Depor (the 8th man with more official appearances) and that’s currently helping with the academy.

Novelties in the administration: Fernández admitted that the situation of the first team screwed the whole view of the club. He also admitted that the structure hasn’t been working, as example it has been criticized the lack of scouts and internal employees for sporting matters (the major part are outsourced from a third party)

The president announced that the sporting department at the club will be divided in three sections: professional football, female football and formation. There will be seven scouts plus a director of digital strategy, who will be analyzing the information of the leagues in which the club doesn’t have scouts. There was also announced the arrival of a director for sporting relationships, who will be the link between the club and the players. It has been commented that Joan Capdevila was offered for the job, but Fernández didn’t want to confirm it.

Fabril & Abegondo: The president said that the role of the B squad is to be a factory for the first team, he also confirmed the arrival of Tito Ramallo and Manuel Pablo, while he also praised the academy teams for their international results, like the most recent participation of Alevin A in La Liga promises.

Fernández also announced that the infrastructure at Abegondo will be improved, and this includes to build up a resting sector for the first team. He also said that his ambition is to convert Abegondo into a high level training facility.

Depor Ladies: No major things were announced, the president only said that the club is now a referent in Galicia regarding female football and that the ambition is to be promoted to Primera and become into the reference in northern Spain.

Riazor: Despite the relegation, president Tino Fernández expects to continue investing in the improvement of the halls and the outside of the Riazor. He also announced that the plan for the museum continues and that the club will work in order to provide Wifi inside the stadium.

Veterans: The plan is to increase the amount of the sponsorship and to see the veterans playing in more tournaments representing Deportivo.

Marketing: The plan is to continue promoting the appearance of Depor stores, like the one that exists at the Marineda mall and that already sold one million euros in merchandise. No plans of international stores though.

Financial facts: Tino Fernández confirmed two things during his presentation. First that the current debt of the club is around €87.5 million, and secondly that the transfers of Emre Çolak, Florin Andone and Luisinho have meant €8 million for the club.



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