27 Jun 2018
Luisinho conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; the left-back relived the good and bad moments at Deportivo after his exit on last week.

Q: How was your exit forged?
A: It was all very fast, because I didnít expect to leave like this. I renewed this year and my idea was to continue at Depor, but sometimes what we want is not how everything ends. Huesca appeared suddenly, my agent called me and told me that they were interested, that it was a solid project, from Primera and it took me by surprise, because I didnít think it could be all that fast. There had been other proposals, from Turkey and Cyprus, but I had already told my agent that I was not going there, because I was comfortable in A CoruŮa, because A CoruŮa was already my first house, but my agent had already come to A CoruŮa before finishing the league and we already knew what Depor wanted. We were no longer at Primera and we respected the decision of the club, the club also respected mine and things were fixed. But it was a surprise for me to leave so fast.

Q: Did Huesca pay a transfer?
A: I donít know for sure. I only know that they were very interested in me. The sporting director showed interest from the first minute and that also motivated me a little to go out, to feel that he loved me so much, like the one I had felt when I arrived at Deportivo. There was a great interest in Huesca and then they fixed themselves among them.

Q: When did you see that it isnít possible to continue in A CoruŮa?
A: My agent went to talk with Tino and from there we already knew what we had to do, that Deportivo werenít financially well, because it isnít the same to play at Primera than at Segunda, because it lost a lot of money. And we cannot force anyone to stay with us. We know the difficulties of the club and we respect them, but from that conversation between my agent and Tino we already knew that it was difficult to continue. But I didnít mind playing in Segunda, because I already did it and in worse conditions. That didnít scare me. I was committed to the team from the first to the last minute. And I said it publicly, that I was not afraid to play in Segunda and that I felt the same pride of playing with Depor at Primera than at Segunda, because I like the club. But if the club financially asks you to leave and explain their conditions, I'm eager. They were clear with me and I was clear with them.

Q: In your farewell letter you say that at Deportivo you smiled, cried, celebrated and also made mistakes. Let's talk about each of these moments. What was the smile?
A: I always smiled in these five years at the club, at times more and others less, but I was always happy in A CoruŮa, because from the first moment I arrived I was well received, even in delicate moments, because of my mistakes too, because Sometimes you cannot blame other people, you have to look at yourself and know that there are things that I was wrong, and I am the first to recognize it. But beyond those negative moments, I always smiled and I was always happy, because I always had the fans by my side. Thy never left me in bad times. I always felt close to them and they were the ones who make me to spend five years in A CoruŮa, my heart's fondness, because in delicate moments, I was alone, if it were not for the fans, for that love of heart, I would have left. long time ago.

Q: When did you cry?
A: In that year with Victor, when I was sidelined and was treated like a marginal. For a player it isnít easy to find himself like that, knowing that in many moments I was right, but people didnít want to see that. I was alone. I smiled every day, because collectively the team stayed at Primera Division, but I cried for the individual issues.

Q: What did you celebrate?
A: The promotion. Itís a unique moment. It was a hard year, because the Segunda is hard. The people who played there know it. It is a long and exhausting league, but in the end the result smiled at us with all the difficulties that the club was going through. It was a very nice celebration, with a young squad, because there were a lot of people from the B squad, and we had to fight a lot, because there were better squads than Deportivo.

-Q: In which things you failed?
A: I failed, as I failed this year too and I assume it. But above all I made a mistake many times before. I am a person with a heart in my mouth, a person with warm blood, and I was wrong. I was learning over the years. I think now we saw a different Luisinho, calmer, but always committed, from the first to the last moment.

Q: A month later, what is your analysis?
A: That we were all wrong. From the players to the board. It was unanimous. We made mistakes and the directive part too. That's why we go down. It was a collective failure, but that negative experience has to serve as an example and cannot happen again. The club didnít deserve to go through that, it was a very hard year and it caused a lot of sadness.

Q: Was the changing so conflicting and the main reason of most of the problem?
A: No, I think not. The players always want to win, the changing room was united and at the moment of truth they competed. The fault is not only the changing room, it was everyone's fault. Football is not alone in the field of play. Outside is also played sometimes.

Q: You have left together with Andone and «olak, players who have had conflicts at the club.
A: What I see is that three competitive players have left and we always wanted to win. People know that Andone wanted to play always, was competitive and was a winner. «olak the same. Conflicts? Andone was very loved and «olak too, we were hot blooded people, we were not conflicted. Deportivo have lost three good players and their exit are important losses to face the season.

Q: Did you have time to meet Carmelo del Pozo?
A: I spoke with him once or twice. I thought he was a sincere and honest person, and I hope he continues like this. A person who helps, because his role is to help Deportivo. The first impression was positive.

Q: What do you think about the return of Ńlex BergantiŮos?
A: I'm very happy, because he is a very simple and humble boy, and what is needed at n Deportivo. He is a guy from the house and a great addition both on the field and outside.

Q: Have you been able to say good-bye to the president?
A: He called me when I was already on vacation in Portugal, he wished me luck and I also wished him luck. And I asked him to promote Deportivo this year, because that's where the club and the fans deserve to be.



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