01 Jul 2018
Ramůn PiŮa is the new sporting advisor of Deportivo. The former player of Depor conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia and talked about his new role.

Q: How and why do you make this step?
A: The president told me some time ago. And, the truth, the first thing I said was no. Because the better thing was to give me a team from the academy, I saw me more prepared as a coach than as a counselor [he laughed] But, well. I have been working as a manager at Fabril for a few years now. Not another thing, but Iíve experience in doing many kilometers. So, I imagine that he saw in me some quality and if they think I can help them, then Iím happy for what they tell me.

Q: Are you going to be the substitute for Fernando Vidal?
A: Sincerely, I wouldnít like to be compared in those terms. Itís clear that he was here, there was a vacancy and I will occupy it, but it cannot be said that I will replace him, because, to begin with, I lack the experience that he had at the managerial level. With Fernando I had a very good relationship at the club. I know that he sacrificed a lot for the club, he did very good things and I would not like them to say that I come to replace him. I am Ramůn PiŮa. A former player that will defend my ideas and that will try to help in what I can.

Q: Do you realize that Tino FernŠndez is trying to have a gesture with the figure of the veteran?
A: Well, honestly, I havenít stopped to think about that. It coincides that I was a player. They look for people who can contribute things. Well, it's clear that, as a footballer and coach, I can contribute my vision. Neither better nor worse than the rest. Different.

Q: International as a youth player, the thirteenth footballer of Depor with more games... Why do you think that your figure doesnít have the recognition of others with less baggage?
A: Because you tend to forget and renounce the past. I donít know if for social networks or why, but any kid who today does half-training with the first team has more recognition than others who were years there. It seems as if my era didnít exist. Deportivo was not born in the nineties, as some people think. When I arrived here it was already at Primera Division. It went down, it went up... And it also had international players. But itís like the past didnít exist.

Q: After the relegation, the fans donít think anything else than returning to Primera, are you one of those who think itís an obligation or not?
A: I'm one of those who think it's the objective. But itís that at Deportivo, when I was in Segunda, we always began the seasons thinking about promoting. Or do you think that when I played it wasnít the target every year? Then, getting it or not is different. But of course, we have that goal and we are going to work to make it a reality. But Segunda is very hard. Nobody gives anything.

Q: After the two previous relegations, it was promoted in the first attempt. So, the fan doesnít talk about anything else.
A: Look. I am one of those who kick the street every day. I donít live isolated from society. The opposite. And I think that people are aware of where we are and the difficulties we have. We drag an important debt and the situation is complicated. It doesnít look anything like other seasons. However, I insist that we want to go up.

Q: For the moment, the signings arenít exciting.
A: The signings will excite in the third matchday if we win the first games. You have to think that figures are not going to come. Neither do we need them. We need a team, not figures. A group that fights, that is united. Before, if you had a couple of players, it was enough, not today. Look at the World Cup how it is. Then the Segunda, imagine.

Q: With Carmelo del Pozo as sporting director, will you supervise the signings, will you be in the sporting commission...?
A: As the president said, I think that this year the areas will not be as determined as they have been until now. But we still have not talked about those aspects. Anyway, as I have done so far, I will be willing to give my opinion when they ask me for it.

Q: Until now your position didnít have much visibility. Are you prepared to be a target of criticism?
A: I started in professional football at the age of 16, so you will tell me if I am used to criticism. What will hurt me is if I see people who criticize everything for evil or nonsense. Surely there are.

Q: Does it bother you to arrive in the middle of a process, let's call it, electoral?
A: More than uncomfortable, it hurts. I arrived at Depor in the seventies and could say that some were better than others, that we were more or less bad, but there was always a union. There is only one Deportivo and that is the one we have to defend all of. Above people. This is not about defending one or the other. It's about defending Deportivo. To fight for the club. That is the great objective.



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