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11 Jul 2018
Carmelo del Pozo talked of Deporís market during the presentation of Dubardier. He analyzed the situation of the players at the squad.

Deporís sporting director, Carmelo del Pozo, analyzed the current situation of the squad and the transfer market dung the presentation of SebastiŠn Dubarbier. He assured that Tytoń is leaving and that Carles Gil will stat. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Can we expect more changes? ďI donít now what people expect, but there will be changes. The reality is that we started to make changes, more than other teams, but we already started to build up the squad. There are players that can be thinking in leaving, but at the middle of the pre-season he could think thatís good to stay, so we are in the process. There are players that already say that they are staying.Ē

Juanfran: "Itís evident that there is a possibility of a departure, itís being treated to reach a possible agreement.Ē

Carles Gil: "We know he is a spectacular player for Segunda Division, but Carles Gil has never shown the clear idea that he has to leave. Moreover, I have spoken several times with him in person, I have had several talks with him and the feeling he has is that he is going to work 100% and that he has a good implication of being able to stay. Obviously, if an irrevocable offer comes for any player, not only for or Carles Gil, we understand that itís a good possibility for them. But we believe and understand that, in the case of Carles Gil, he is very involved and eager to be here."

Will Pedro Mosquera stay? "Mosquera is from CoruŮa and Mosquera is from Depor. I think itís a very important plus, and we understand that this situation is going in a very positive direction. What I say is that until the situation is written or signed, we should not advertise it, because in football we all have taken unpleasant surprises at some point. It isnít because of Pedro's specific case, but that thereíre things that must always be closed and signed, because I understand that itís the best thing, but in the case of Pedro from the first day he told me that his implication was going to be 100% Now, if a first level team calls him, then we understand that itís a coherent situation for him and we would benefit economically from that exit. I think it will not be the case of Pedro "

Whatís going on with Diego Rolan? "Diego was a player that everyone had his doubts about the incorporation to Depor. Depor has the feeling that it had to close a good incorporation in the summer market of the previous year. The player has come here, and from there heís working on a day-to-day basis with us. We understand that heís a very good player for Primera. And we understand that the value of that player is very important not to lose it, because if, for example, we have next year the luck of being at Primera and we have to look for a striker, we would look for Rolan. We have it here, the advantage we have is that we already have it in the sporting organization. Now we must see what economic and sporting scenario is presented if there is any offer from Primera Division. We also have to assess the situation of non-EU players. In Segunda there are only two and at this moment we have three: Sidnei, Celso and Diego Rolan. We must clear the issue at the moment of making the final decision on which player should leave. The idea from the start is a loan, if it were a transfer it would be a very advantageous situation for us. Thatís to say, a player that we have bought at a price, if we want to sell it, we have to obtain an important economic benefit for it."

Borges and Sidnei: "This is like when you want to win the lottery, for that reason you have to buy tickets. We have bought tickets to see him staying at Segunda. From then on, only a few can win the lottery. They are top level players, if that situation appears we will not stop fighting. The player, if he leaves, he will come out of Depor with a favorable situation for us. It will not leave at any price, that we have quite clear. They will not leave for a bad price."

Renewal of Borja Valle: "The year wasnít easy for him, neither for the self-esteem nor personally. The doubts, personally. From there, by contract, either he stays or is transferred. From that situation, I want Borja Valle to feel more comfortable. But not only him, everyone. He is involved, working, on a day-to-day basis. This will make them more likely to be well, improve their situation. The players that have a year of contract, I donít care if he will continue with that year. The contracts are to be fulfilled. If we can improve it and we understand the two parts that is good, great. If he goes out, it will be a transfer, so the economic benefit will be good. In Deportivo what has become a problem with the relegation, a real problem, is to get a beneficial part in any operation. Right now itís not the moment to offer a renewal, they need to see the format of Deportivo and decide."

Fabian Schšr: "Fabian has made a great World Cup. We understand that he will have many more offers. He is a player who has a high value after the end of the league, the World Cup he has done is very good. Fabian is very selective, I think he's very intelligent on his part. He had very good offers before, he understood that they were not economically suitable for him and for others, he understood that for that he stayed at Depor. He needs to see the sporting scenario thatís presented, and if those offers are very advantageous in a sporting and economic sense, then itís very easy to reach an agreement with Deportivo."

Will Fede Valverde return? "Iíve spoken with him, with Real Madrid, but the scenario of Deportivo is very far. The taste of Depor for him and his for Depor is more than evident, itís a situation that cannot be completed, he has offers of Primera Division. He can even start the pre-season with Real Madrid. It's that series of players that doesnít belong to Deportivo, and we donít have that advantage as with the players that already are at Deportivo."

Tytoń: "Heí going out. Tytoń is going out "

Francis: "Not at the moment"



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