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11 Jul 2018
Dubarbier was presented on Tuesday, he explained why he signed for Depor and what he expects from the Segunda season.

Sebastián Dubarbier was presented on Tuesday after completing the medicals. He confessed that the presence of Carmelo del Pozo was crucial or his arrival and targets the promotion to Primera as the main target for the new season.

The left-back explained the reason for his return to Europe after been in Argentina, "Obviously when I went back there I didn’t know whether or not I was going to return to Spain, the footballer is always open to these things, it's a beautiful challenge, a beautiful club, that's why I made the decision to return. They didn’t tell me a lot, I pretty much knew it, I knew Carmelo was here and, well, it's a nice challenge, more with the people who is charge... Carmelo was important to make the decision. I knew my agent thanks to him and it was a circumstance, luckily we are here today."

The Argentine player was also taking of Segunda División and the goal of the promotion, "We know the objective, which is to return to Primera as soon as possible. We know that it’s very difficult, it’s a competitive league, very long, we must be 100% ready. It may be that it has changed, it was already growing, with Almeria we suffered the relegation, before we were two years at Primera, and it was already complicated, there are increasingly better teams, which are called big and have better squads. This adds up to the level of the division ... With the playoff there are many teams with the possibility of being in. It will be competitive and there will be the possibility that the teams have a different chance at the end.”

He was also talking of Deportivo, "It's one of the biggest clubs that play in Spain, that's the challenge, trying to do everything possible to return to Primera. I was with my teammates one morning, I cannot talk much, but you can see that there are very good A new group is being assembled and that takes a while to assimilate and accommodate. I really want to start training, touch the ball, and get into the pitch."

Finally, Dubarbier was talking of his position on the pitch and his physical state, “I've been playing for six years a a fullback and over the years you get used to it, that's what I have in mind: the first thing is to defend, I'm characterized as an intense player, always in the game And that's what this league demands, these matches that are super-even in which you have to be the 90 minutes involved in the game. I spent my entire career away in Europe, it was a very nice year and a half in Argentina, but you are used to this football and it's very different, so going back was something I had in my head. When I was there, I played, I really had a tear at the beginning of the year and I ended up playing the league all the way to the end.”




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