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12 Jul 2018
New signing Pedro Sánchez was presented to the public, the winger is convinced that Deportivo are among the favourites at Segunda, but also that the promotion is going to be hard.

Pedro Sánchez was presented on Wednesday at Abegondo. It was before the first training sessions of the pre-season. He was giving his first impressions about the arrival to Depor, "I’m very happy and excited about being in this great club. In 20 minutes we will start to touch the ball, which is what matters and what we want. Deportivo is impressive and excites you, especially the will to show things ad to be as high as possible ".

"I have spoken with several people who have been in this club, the people are amazing and the city, the same, I just want to thank them with my work and my football, I like the people and the enthusiasm they have I order to end as high as possible, which is where Deportivo deserves to be.” He added.

The winger is convinced of Depor’s potential, but also of the league’s difficulty, “In the end Segunda is not the same as Primera, it has nothing to do, at Segunda you can defeat any team, so you have to be humble and know what field you are going to. Also where we are to get the best out of each one, that will help us a lot.”

“Deportivo is the Real Madrid of the Segunda Division. I’ve been impressed for the four days I spent here. Deportivo is a very big club and it comes from Primera. Segunda is very long, there are going to be good and bad moments, I hope I'm wrong and everything is beautiful, but we’ve to reach the last ten days with options to fulfill our objective. " He added.

Finally, Pedro talked of what he can add to Deportivo, "The fans will find a lot of humility, hard work and sacrifice, I will give my best so that the club can achieve a victory Sunday after Sunday. Every player in this changing room has a very clear goal, step by step, this is very difficult, you have to go slowly, with your feet on the ground, but knowing what to do."



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