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13 Jul 2018
The shareholders of Deportivo approved the continuity of Tino Fernández and his board of directors. There were complaints, but the 99% of the shareholders voted in favour of the president as there wasn’t any other candidate.

A shareholders meeting took place on Thursday, the reason for this meeting was to advance the elections and to hear the comments of the shareholders after the relegation. 2,277 shareholders were represented (34.9% of the capital).

After several complaints about the situation of the club, including aspirant Miguel Otero, who accused Tino Fernández of having a plan to buy more shares of Deportivo in order to be the lonely owner, the voting started with the current president as the only candidate.

The shareholders of Deportivo decided that Tino Fernández should continue for five more years as the president (until 2023). The 98.99% of the shareholders voted yes to his continuity. The board of directors was also asking the shareholders to increase the numbers of members from five to six, something that was also approved.

The six members of the board are Tino Fernández, Martín Pita, Daniel Ramos, Enrique Calvete, Ramón Piña and Juan José Jaen.  The president talked to the shareholders after the event and said that, “With this big support we can only say thanks for believing in us. We have been changing the direction of the society into a decisive road. Now we are in the middle of a sporting crisis, luckily the situation of the club has changed and it’s for good.”

"The debt has been restructured, managed with rigor and transparency, all of which seems irrelevant and is diluted by the sporting failure of last season, but we understand that this failure, painful as it may be, should not lead to a total questioning of the project, respecting all opinions, that remains to be our position. The priority is to increase the performance of the first team. It passes through a new sporting model. We all need to be together and push in the same direction. There will always be different opinions." He added.



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