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14 Jul 2018
After confirming a new stage at the club, Tino Fernández talked to reporters and analyzed the recent news at the club.

 President Tino Fernández will continue at the club for five more years, after the shareholders meeting held on Thursday he talked to reporters and analyzed some issues. The following is a summary of what he said.

Elections: “I am calm. In the end I was the only candidate, so it was the expected outcome.”

Juanfran: “We have an agreement and the papers are ready.”

Transfers in the coming days? “I don’t know from here to the weekend, we are working in several operations, either arrivals and exits. For giving a date, I don’t think there will be novelties during the weekend”

Is Alavés interested in Borges? “I don’t know. I recently spoke with the president of Alavés and what I know is that they have covered the spots for foreign players. But I don’t know if there are offers. What I can tell you is that we are interested in the continuity of Borges.”

The pre-season: “We still have to announce one more pre-season friendly, everyone knows who it is, we will announce it together with the other party. The idea of Carmelo is to make a concentration at the end of the stage, because the logical thing is to do it when the players that will be here are ready, because at this point maybe we are missing someone.”

Poor numbers of socios at the start of the campaign: “I don’t know if they will respond, we started too soon. Truly we don’t have the effect of the Teresa Herrera, and this year we will probably be penalized as until September we won’t have the first game at the Riazor. We will make actions in order to increase the speed of the renewals.”

The situation of the Riazor: “The intention is to only miss one game of the ones we have to play at the Riazor. So, the draw will see us starting on the road and that we can change the first game at home, and the following game will be on the road too. At the end of August the work at the stadium should be done, maybe with some sector still unfinished. The project is following the deadlines.” 



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