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27 Jul 2018
Carmelo Del Pozo talked to reporters during the presentation of Quique González; he analyzed the status if several players at the squad and the possible arrivals.

Sporting director Carmelo Del Pozo answered the question of reporters during the presentation of Quique González. He said that Diego Rolan was about to leave [two hours before his exit to Leganés was announced] and admitted the interest in right-back David Simón. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Ortolá: “We said before that a keeper was coming, a different keeper, young, with the option to stay with a buyout option. A keeper with an output for the ball, two different profiles compared with Dani [Giménez] and with Francis. So the goal is covered.”

Quique Fernández: “The idea was to have another striker, one with mobility and presence inside the area. If we play with another draw to the one used so far, then he can adapt to another position.  The lad has adapted to other positions in the past, like been left winger entering by the sides. We were searching for possibilities for the coach in different positions.”

Fabian Schär: “First to all, to thank Fabian for his disposition since my arrival. He always respected the club and always put first the situation of the club. A good World Cup opened the doors to him.”

Sidnei: “There was an ongoing operation that was almost sorted, many times it is said that the operation is closed with only some pending issues. Well, those pending issues showed up in the negotiation, marked by the background of the player, so at that moment the other club decided that those weren’t the agreements previously reached and walked away, since that point Sidnei returned to us and it’s a player at the squad. Now we need to see the situation, we need to see if we have an offer and if it’s convenient.”

Celso Borges: “I talked to him about the situation of his brother’s weeding. We need to see his evolution and the offers that he can have. He is a player with a good season and a good World Cup, so he could have offers and we need to see if we can have good offers, if not he will be with us. He arrived late for the situation with his brother, but there’s no problem.”

Renewal of Borja Valle: “You know the relation with him is good, he has one more year of contract and the idea is to have an ongoing negotiation looking first if he feels comfortable at the club, we are in the process and we understand it isn’t the moment to negotiate a renewal. If we receive an offer we will study it, but in my head Borja Valle will be with us.”

The future of Diego Rolan: “He’s a player that arrived with two scenarios; why? Because he is a top player and without an EU passport, something we need to look forward as the spots are reduced to two at Segunda. We want to avoid a situation in which we don’t have the control at the end of the market. The negotiations are advanced and it’s going to be a very good operation for us, also in a sporting sense as he will increase his value as he would play at Primera División.”

The interest in David Simón: “He is a good player. He is in the showcase. Several clubs are after him and we too. We believe his profile adapts to what the coach wants.  We want to have two men per position and currently we only have one right-back, Gerard Valentín, because Bóveda is been relocated as a centre-back, in that sense he is a possibility.”

Is Quique González the last sign for the attacking line? “If we don’t have more exits, yes. Rolan’s exit is out of the count, so he isn’t in my head. We have Cartabia, Borja Valle and Pedro that can play there. We also have Quique and Christian, so the number is high.”

Is Cartabia staying?: “What happens is that he has a name, but he has disposition to stay. We need high revenue in order to see a player leaving, if we don’t have that revenue, then the player won’t leave.”

Exits and arrivals: “We will sign a new player if another leaves. If Sidnei leaves then a centre-back will arrive; if a midfielder leaves then another midfielder will arrive.”

Guilherme: “He has offers and we need to see if he fits into the offers and if the operation is good for us.”

Krohn-Dehli: “The lad wants to stay, but he is living a family situation that needs to be assessed. If a new scenario appears and is favorable to him, then we will valorize it.”

Albentosa “He has a contract and is one more player. If he has an offer that interests him, then we will see, but right now he is one more player and will continue to have competence.”

Francis: “Nothing has changed for day one. We have three keepers and a 19-year-old goalie needs to play, and he must understand it. If he doesn’t understand it, then he should present an economical proposal that’s interesting to us, but at his 19 he must be the third keeper and compete. He went to the World Cup because he was playing, if he would have not played then he wouldn’t have went to the World Cup. There were other keepers that weren’t chosen because they weren’t playing and he was favored for been playing at Fabril.”

Requirements from some signings: “There were player wanting to come here and to see us putting 30 games on their contract as a stipulation, and they didn’t come. No one comes here’s in order to be an undisputed starter, neither the ones that came with us paying nor the ones coming for free. We understand that the player must compete, the one that isn’t playing must press and fight. The situation is enough hard at Segunda to be having relaxed people. Last year,  we understand that we had people like that and it affected the team. We won’t give this problem to the coach on this season.” 





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