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08 Aug 2018
New signing Sebastián Dubarbier isn’t feeling the pressure of getting the promotion as soon as possible, he believes Depor need to be patient and to focus in doing everybody’s job.

Sebastián Dubarbier addressed the media early on Tuesday as the first team returned to train. He was talking of how the team has evolved during the pre-season, “It has been progressive and it was for good. We need to keep improving and need to seize this week in order to be on shape. It has been positive.”

About the upcoming friendly games against Lugo and Oviedo, he said that, “I’s helpful to face rivals of this level. These will be important games, but not decisive, because the pre-season is in order to train the situations that we are working during the week.”

The left-back was asked about the relation between the players and the coach, “He asks us how we feel about the things we need to do inside the pitch. I believe it’s a thing of the group and we are understanding each other.” He also defined the style that Natxo González wants, “A team that tries to have the ball possession and that tries to dominate the game.”

The Argentine defender was denying the idea that Depor are feeling the pressure of been favourites in the league, “We must remove that idea from our head. We need to do our work and it will lead us to succeed. To do your duties is the thing that will lead you to victory.”

He also refused the idea that the team is feeling the pressure of imitating what Depor did in the past two relegations [to immediate clinch the promotion] “There’s no pressure on that, the group is different and we want to get the promotion now, but we will live good and bad moments and must be patient, because the league is long.”

Finally, Dubarbier was talking of the influence of the new system in the position of fullback, “With this diamond figure we must join the attack with more frequency, I like to help in attack and therefore I feel comfortable. I feel comfortable and luckily as there’s competence, it helps you to be better.”



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