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10 Aug 2018
Natxo González talked to reporters one week before the start in the league, he talking of formations and his feelings with the league debut approaching.

Coach Natxo González addressed the media on Thursday, he admitted doubts on who will be the starting keeper and if Diego Caballo and Uxio will have a chance at the first team. He also talked of the positions on the pitch and strategy. The following is a summary of the things he said.

One week for the debut in the league “We are already there, this no longer a pre-season and we enter the competition. You always are unsure of what the first match will bring. Yesterday’s game and Oviedo’s match will approach you to what you want, but we are not there yet. I’m satisfied after these 40 sessions, you see an identity and since that point we are intermittent lacking continuity, which is logical after only 40 sessions with a new team. Right now, I am satisfied with the attitude and the will to do things.”

Performance in the pre-season: “It says nothing. We won the last friendly, but it says nothing of what we will find in the regular season.”

Diego Caballo and Edu Expósito: “They are fine, the minutes are there. They are even disputing more minutes than the rest. They are matching the level. They are there for their own merits, surely will do it in the future. We still have the last stretch. Yesterday Diego Caballo played as a winger as I wanted to see him there, you are getting conclusions.”

Will the lineup against Oviedo be a reference to start the league? “We will rotate as there are players with knocks and others will lesser minutes. What you see on Saturday won’t be decisive. I like to measure the minutes and to see all the players having opportunities, since there, with the analysis of the pre-season, we will search for the best lineup against Albacete.”

Factors to polish: “I talked before of continuity, maybe at matchday 42 you will be 100%, but I would love to get more benefit from our attacking plays. In defence we already have important challenges and must try to be reliable and find a balance. There are a lot of things to be improved, we only had 40 sessions so far and still have to complete other 300.”

Tytoń & Guilherme: “I already talked about it, as the end of the ,market is approaching the player is more nervous, but I am not worried. We will see and let’s hope it can be fixed soon, but it isn’t creating any problem their situation.”

Caballo and Uxio at the first team? “It’s a pity that they cannot alternate, we must be alert as, if they play one minute with the first team, then they cannot play at the B squad. We must be cautious and will analyze the situation. They will mark the line. As soon as the make the step forward there’s no way back. Caballo can perform is several positions, above the side defender if you play with wingers, and before inside the triangle at midfield. He is a player that brings possibilities, you love these players and I believe it gives an advantage to Caballo.”

Are the strikers lacking goals? “I haven’t get why I want from them, but this isn’t easy. There are different situations that the players must understand. As soon as we understand the game the player will be enchanted. Right now they aren’t feeling comfortable, but soon they will happy and scoring.”  

Profiles in attack: “We have references and talent people. They are players with different characteristics, some will be close to the goal, others will be creating the plays.”

Krohn-Dehli: “Since the beginning you assimilate the situations, there are cases of players that can leave. An exit at this point won’t be easy to cover, but you cannot control it. You can only try to convince them, to see them feeling comfortable, but there are situations that escape from my hands. I just try to get the best from the players.”

Are you happy with the current squad? “I am very happy, first for been here, and since that point to see the daily work and the arrivals. Will I like to have Messi? Yes, but it’s not possible. I just rely in the sporting direction. I am satisfied with the team and the attitude in the day by day.”

Who will be the starting keeper? “I’ve doubts, because both are good keepers. We will see Ortolá on Saturday, but we are calm as we have players that are a guarantee.”

The captains: “It will be decided on next week or even later. Before making the decision, I will like to have first the squad that will stay. I will wait until the end, so we can be waiting until the league starts. It’s an important decision and must be analyzed with calm.  We need players with leadership and we will have four captains.”

The diamond figure at midfield: “You need a pivote with certain characteristics, midfielders with a long run, also playmakers with intensity, also side defenders with a long run. The parameters are defined and we are trying to see our players matching these characteristics.”

Cartabia:  “Like other cases, I believe he is an important player for us, but he is there. I cannot tell you more. These are individual cases that I cannot handle.”



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