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12 Aug 2018
Draw for Depor in the last friendly of the pre-season, the Galicians didn’t have a good game, but at least didn’t lose before a rival that hit the post twice and that missed a penalty.

Seventh and last friendly game in the pre-season, the rival was Real Oviedo, another Segunda club for the new season. The game was played at the Martinez Otero stadium (Foz, Galicia) and was for the XXX edition of the Villa De Foz trophy.

Coach Natxo González kept playing with a 4-3-1-2 draw. Right-back David Simón, playmaker Pedro Sánchez and striker Quique González were the only ones that repeated their participation at the starting lineup compared to the previous game against CD Lugo.

The game started with Depor dominating, but Real Oviedo had the first chance to score through a strong shot of Saúl Berjón that hit the post (8’). Depor’s first opportunity came at minute 11, a combination between Dubarbier and Quique González on the left ended with the latter releasing a low cross saved by keeper Champagne.

In the resulting corner-kick Champagne made the same save, this time after Krohn-Dehli assisted Pedro Sánchez. Quique González had a new chance to score at minute 19, this time after collecting a high cross from the right, and in this opportunity his header went over the crossbar.

Oviedo also tried to have the ball and started to look better than Depor, at minute 29 Tejera was close to score after been assisted by Sandoval, and his shot from the left side of the area passed close to the far post.

Depor had a lot of problems within the last fifteen minutes in the first half, Oviedo had the ball and spent more time attacking. Depor’s last opportunity in this half was a direct free-kick of Pedro Sánchez in which he missed the target (44’).

In the next play Álex Bergantiños committed a penalty after touching the ball with the arm in a cross from the left, ex-Depor Toché took the penalty, but his attempt went into the centre and Ortolá made the save with a leg (45+2’)

The second half started without changes and with two new opportunities for Real Oviedo, first Christian Fernández headed out a cross from Tejera (46’), two minutes later Mossa missed the target firing a low and crossed shot from the edge of the area. Depor seemed confused, Mosquera and Álex Bergantiños exchanged positions, but the output of the ball continued blocked.

Depor were big problems in the game, the rival was having the ball and the Galicians never found the way to break the scheme. Their first chance to score in the half was a wide header of Domingos Duarte in a latera free-kick action (56’).

 But despite been inferior, Depo found the first goal in the game. It was a lateral free-kick with Pedro Sánchez releasing a high volley into the far post, Pablo Mari headed the ball between two defenders, then the ball went into the other post and Domingos Duarte was there to push the ball in.

Oviedo never surrendered. Saúl Berjón was close to score the equalizer at minute 64, this after throwing a lateral free-kick, his volley hit the crossbar as Ortolá lost the sight of the ball due to the sun. The first two substitutions were the entries of Gerard Valentín and Diego Caballo for David Simón and Dubarbier.

Then Real Oviedo scored the deserved equalizer. After a long play in attack, Carlos Martínez released a cross from the right and substitute Ibrahima Baldé found the ball at the far post and headed it into the net.

The game ended with a different pace as both teams made multiple changes, it also ended with the weird feeing of been violent after a couple of tough tackles. One of them cost the red card to Oviedo’s Edu Cortina due to a harsh foul over Carles Gil. The last five substitutions for Depor meant the entries of Uxío Cartabia, Albentosa, Bóveda and Edu Expósito. Oviedo won the Villa De Foz trophy in the penalty shootout (4-1)

Real Oviedo: (4-2-3-1) Champagne - Carlos Martínez (Edu Cortina 72’), Carlos Hernández, Christian Fernández (Forlin 69’), Mossa – Tejera (Javi Hernández 75’), Boateng - Javi Muñoz, Johannesson (Sandoval 3’) (Steven 72’), Saúl Berjón (Borja Sánchez 72’) – Toché (Ibra 67’)
Deportivo: (4-3-1-2) Ortolá - David Simón (Gerard Valentín 67’), Duarte (Albentosa 80’), Pablo Marí (Bóveda 80’), Dubarbier (Caballo 67’) – Álex Bergantiños, Mosquera, Krohn-Dehli (Edu Expósito 80’) - Carles Gil - Pedro Sánchez (Cartabia 80’), Quique González (Uxío Dapena 80’).
Goals: 0-1: (61’) Domingos Duarte, 1-1: (73’) Ibra
Referee: Martínez Santos. He showed yellow card to Carlos Martínez (43’) and Forlín (77’). Cortina was sent off (73’)
Venue: Martinez Otero




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