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13 Aug 2018
The pre-season is over for Deportivo and is already possible to establish the conclusions from this stage that will mark the work during the regular season.

The six conclusions from the pre-season are:

1- The key is the group: Sporting director Carmelo Del Pozo always tells the story of a former employee that left Depor at the middle of last season and joined Levante, that person told him that he was convinced Deportivo was going to be relegated instead of Levante due to the negative environment inside the changing room.

It turned to be true and Carmelo knew he needed to change the environment when he landed in A Coruña. Among the first things he did was to get rid of the players that had disciplinary problems (Çolak, Andone and Luisinho), then he has been trying to promote the idea that the goals will only be achieved if the team is united. So, there’s a strong emphasis in the relation player-player and coach-player. Carmelo established that the players must have the breakfast and lunch at Abegondo on a regular basis, so they can spend time together, something that will continue during the regular season.

2- Return to the old routine: Depor ended last season with novelties in the daily work, Seedorf changed completely the routine as the training sessions were announced only one day before and with the team usually training in the afternoon.

Now Natxo González has recovered the “tradition”, because the training sessions are taking place in the mornings and the full schedule for the week is released since the previous Saturday or Sunday. And it will continue to be like that during the regular season.

3- New system: 4-3-1-2: New coach Natxo González has abandoned the “classical” 4-2-3-1 and brought the 4-3-1-2 figure that he was implementing at Real Zaragoza. It’s not a defensive scheme; actually it’s a draw built up to have the ball. There’s a diamond figure at midfield with one man delayed been the link with the defense, then there are two midfielders attached to the wings and two strikers. The fullbacks have freedom to join the attacks.

Right now, the main weakness is located at midfield, because Natxo hasn’t found a midfielder that can be the link between defence and attack. Against Real Oviedo, in the last friendly of the pre-season, Álex Bergantiños and Mosquera were used there and Depor looked weak before the rival’s pressure, it also happened in other friendly matches and it has been the main reason why the team lacks depth and fails to create scoring chances. 

4- New positions for some players: Some of the “survivals” from last season will now have new roles on the pitch. Starting with Eneko Bóveda, who is no longer considered as a right-back, he is now one of the four centre-backs.

Fede Cartabia is also changing his position in order to fit into the new system. Before, the Argentine was acting as a right winger moving towards the edge of the area. Now he is considered as one of the four attackers by Natxo, so he is playing backwards the goal. Carles Gil is also evolving, from been a winger he is now considered a playmaker rotating the position with Pedro Sánchez.

5- The signings are pointing to be protagonists: The team is not closed yet, so there could be more exits and arrivals, but it’s already possible to see that the signings are going to have a strong presence at the starting lineup. Both keepers are new, while it’s highly probable that the whole defensive line could be new, at least it’s what could happen in the debut at Albacete.

During the season 2011/12, Depor earned the promotion to Primera and 9 of the 11 players with more minutes were men that were already at the club during the previous campaign. Now things are much different and Natxo, according to what was saw in pre-season, could end up relying in at least six new arrivals at the moment of making the lineups.

6- Fabril’s influence: Uxio Dapena and Diego Caballo: It will be hard to see Fabril’s players during the regular season, the first team is currently composed by 24 players and Carmelo already stated that any new exit will be covered with a signing. Still, new boss Natxo González has been giving opportunities to the academy players.

Apart from Edu Expósito, who is now a formal member of the first team, the coach has been impressed by striker Uxío Dapena and left-back Diego Caballo. Their age makes impossible to see them alternating between Fabril and the first team, but there’s the chance they can get a spot if the exits of Guilherme and Tytoń are materialized.




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