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19 Aug 2018
Depor are still adapting to the new system, the coach demonstrates that he counts with everyone, including the lads from Fabril, while the referee was on the spotlight due to his decisions.

The five notes from the game at Albacete Balompié:

1- The team is not ready yet: If the opening game in liga left something clear is that this Deportivo is not ready to compete, mostly because it is not yet adapted to the 4-3-1-2 system that the coach wants to implement. As it happened throughout the pre-season the team lacked a centre midfielder able to release key passes that can launch scoring opportunities, the outcome was to see a drowned team in attack during several stages in the game.

2- The message of the starting lineup: It will be a mistake to start making conclusions of who will be the normal starters just basing the analysis in the first lineup of the season, but Natxo González already sent a clear message: he has no problem is putting any player on the pitch.

After years of having coaches promising to work with youngsters, it is Natxo who is fulfilling the old desire of having canteranos playing with the team. He had no problems in preferring to play with Caballo and Edu Expósito, two lads that only a few months ago were playing at Segunda B, before relying in more experienced choices as Dubarbier and Pedro Mosquera. There will be changes for sure, but the message is that everyone counts.

3- Contradictions: The game wasn’t attractive, actually it was kind of boring. But what called the attention is the moment when the goals arrived. Depor was the better team in the first half, but in the second was in a descending line, to the point that Albacete was better when Depor scored.

That goal changed the picture, Depor regained control of the actions and Albacete wasn’t arriving, until the penalty occurred. Suddenly the locals tied the game and saw themselves with one more man on the pitch just when they were looking worse. They could have even won the game with a free-kick at the edge of the area in the stoppage time.

4- The best news: Caballo, Expósito and Domingos: Among the several debuts at the team, three of them are calling the attention: Diego Caballo, Domingos Duarte and Edu Expósito, the latter already played with Depor at Primera on last season, but this was his first appearance as a starter.

Caballo can be called the best man on the game, there were times when Depor only looked dangerous when he joined the attacks on the left flank, and it was him who made the first shot on target for his side. Expósito looked serious at midfield and only lost the ball three times, while Domingos not only demonstrated to be serious in defence, but also that he will be important in offense at the moment of seizing the set-pieces.

5- The referee: Valentín Pizarro Gómez will probably be on the spotlight for calling the penalty for Albacete, the true is that it was an understandable decision. No matter what the interpretation can be, the true is that David Simon touched Fran García in a strange movement after clearing the ball with the other leg. Soft penalty, yes, but there were enough arguments to whistle it.

The problem with the referee is that he had a double standard that clearly affected Deportivo. Just to remember that in the first half the same player fouled in the penalty, Fran García, committed a harsh foul on David Simón that left him limping for a couple of minutes, and he was not even booked. If the referee whistled the soft penalty then he should have sent off the local player using the same standard. In the end Depor saw 6 cards, including a red card for protesting, after committing 12 fouls. That’s the triple of cards than Albacete, side that committed more fouls (16).




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