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19 Aug 2018
The coach was satisfied with the performance of the team, but the players were feeling disappointed for dropping two points at the end of the meeting.

Coach Natxo González wasn’t feeling sad for dropping two points and admitted that his team needs more definition, “It wasn’t bad, we had of everything. We can analyze the game from its different phases. Truly we got the advantage in the final stretch and there was that penalty and expulsion, the game radically changes and were at their mercy. In general, we had the game under control, and need to materialize this control with more definition. But well, I am leaving satisfied, though obviously we are missing a lot.”

“I am also leaving disappointed because we had it there, with the game under control, and we knew we were going to suffer in the final minutes, but that action meant the equalizer and the expulsion. It was hard to defend and we just tried to end the game.” He added.

The new coach was also pointing out that all the players must feel important in order to conquer the desired promotion, “If we all want to reach the final goal, we all need to add. The competence will be fundamental and we will try to get good results.”

He was also explaining what happened with Cartabia, “In an action on the wing I believe he got hurt, and it was a pity as he was the player that was giving more things within the last meters. It was a pity as he was giving things.”

Finally, Natxo was analyzing the rival, “They have other kind of game compared to last season, neither worse or better. Last year it was consistent, now they have other profile of players, but it’s competitive and thy will be there.”

Eneko Bóveda wasn’t content with the outcome, “If we talk of the final result, we aren’t happy. The feeling that I had is that the team was fine and we thought the game was falling in our side, but there was an accident and in the end a point that, for me, it’s tasteless. Maybe we gave a step back and it affected us, they were closer to our area and we will see if in the next game we act the same.”

He was complaining of the penalty, “It’s ugly to talk badly of the referees, because it’s tough and you need to be on the pitch, but I was close  in that play and it’s clear that David [Simón] earned the ball in that action, he touched the ball and I didn’t think he was going to whistle it.”

Keeper Dani Gimenez was also unhappy, “It was a pity, we had it in one hand, a point outside home is always complicated, but it’s also tasteless a we wanted a victory at the start. It’s hard, we are assimilating ideas and it was hard to chain plays, but the game was under control, I didn’t have to intervene despite their good players, but they didn’t had opportunities. A play changed everything We lacked pause and to hold on the ball, but surely will improve these things.”

Álex Bergantiños was complaining of the penalty, “I believe it wasn’t penalty. I believe the referee has affected us in a negative sense, maybe it wasn’t consciously. We are feeling screwed as we were close to win.”

He was even asking for VAR technology at Segunda, “It’s weird that there’s VAR at Primera and in Segunda, where we are also professionals, no. It would be a great help for everyone. I don’t say it would have changed the decision of the referee, but will be good for future actions.”

At Albacete Balompié, Luis Miguel Ramis was feeling satisfied with the result, “This is a good point, it was deserved. We had one more player and pushed, but had a rival of a great level in front. There was a little of everything, we made some damage when we had to do it. I am happy with the point. We had character and the constant thing that we need is to always give everything.”




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