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24 Aug 2018
Depor’s coach is aware that his team needs to improve many things, but expects that a victory could start to pave the way. Extremadura’s coach believes Deportivo is the favourite for the game.

Natxo González addressed the media on Thursday’s morning, he is hoping to conquer the first victory of the season, but is also aware that Extremadura UD will be a tough challenge. The following is a summary of the things he said.

State of the squad: “We are working fine and as always waiting to compete. I hope the good feelings of the day by day can be translated into the pitch.”

Is hard to prepare the team with ongoing exits and arrivals? “It’s harder than having the full team available since day one, but we were expecting for this. We still in the way.”

Repeating the lineup? “It’s an option.”

 Are Vicente Gómez and Didier Moreno ready to be starters? “They are ready, because they are on the roster. Since that point we will see. It’s a position where Krohn-Dehli is suspended and we will see what we can do. They had to enter as it was one of the positions where we were weak.”

Change in the hour of the game: “It’s welcomed, because we understand that at 8PM the heat is important. It’s good for the health of the players.”

Things to be improved: “Many things. The other day we lacked depth. We need to be vertical and stop passing the ball back.”

Expectations for the game: “These teams came with the positive inertia of the promotion, the other day they added a point in Oviedo, besides the fact they can make changes as they recover players, so there could be changes. They seize secondary plays and we are going to meet a good environment. It’s a complicate game.”

Importance of the game: “You need to gain the points at any field. The points of matchday 02 are as important as the ones of matchday 38. Each day there’s less margin. The last points are probably more important, but in order to be there you need to add throughout the tournament.”

Christian Santos: “He is on the roster, so he is available. Truly he has a deficit after been injured, we need to recover him. He needs to add minutes and the game with Racing Ferrol will be helpful.”

Albentosa: “He still there. I don’t know if he will go out or not, but we have reinforced the position.“

Importance of a victory: “We all work in order to win. Everybody wants to win. It’s hard at the beginning, obviously after what happened last year the joy of the public is low, but surely the fans will be hooked again. We will try to win, so the fans will be content.”

Michele Somma; “He isn’t tall, but is fast. I believe it’s important in this league. Despite been young he lived experiences in important clubs, and with the ball he can add an output. He is a very complete player.”

Will Dani Giménez stay as the starter at the goal? “Yes. But I don’t have problems in making a change. If I have to change him, I will do it.”

Juan Sabas addressed the media on Thursday’s morning. He understands that Depor are the favourties for the game, but also believes that his team has the level to compete against anyone. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Deportivo: “Undoubtably it’s a complicated rival, but practically as all the teams in this league. We will find a very difficult match. I see they try to have the ball and the initiative; they have very good players. We will try to take the ball away from them, so they won’t feel comfortable on the pitch.”

Change in the hour of the game: “We have to play at any hour, I don’t think the heat at 8PM is too much to change the hour, but it escapes from my hands.”

Problems with the salary cap: “I can only count with the players that are inscribed, it doesn’t depend on me. I already said that I cannot do more. I can only work with the ones I have. I am eager to compete tomorrow.”

Enric Gallego “Enric was dragging a one-match suspension and it will be my decision if enters the roster and the lineup.”

Attitude at home: “We need to change many things from the first game, we were too nervous and were respecting too much the league. Truly there were casualties, but it isn’t an excuse. The ones playing must match the level of the league. We want to harm and create goal opportunities, we want to be strong at defence and want to play at the same level of the rival despite they have a better squad than us. The mentality at home is different, I hope to have a team with more confidence. We need to be braver in attack.”

The league: “For what we have seen before this is a league of patience and equality. There isn’t any team winning easily.”

Favourite for the game: “Without doubt they are the favourites, but the greatness of the game is that the strengths are equalized over the pitch. So, we will try that their advantage for history, entity and budget can be matched on the pitch.”



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