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26 Aug 2018
Under construction, but Depor are adding points on the road. Didier Moreno didn’t play too much, but was the newcomer that impressed the most.

The five notes from the visit to Extremadura UD

1- Not convincing, but adding points: Once again Deportivo gave the feeling that’s not ready yet to be considered as a clear aspirant to promotion, this for its lack of ideas to create scoring opportunities and for the inability to control the rival within the last minutes of the games. Still, the team has added 4 of the 6 points disputed so far and it did it playing away from home. The team might not be ready, but it’s getting the results.

2- Expensive defensive mismatches: The team had the game controlled in several stages, but it also lost that control in some specific moments. There were a couple of bad passes at defence that almost turned to be expensive, like the bad pass of Bóveda that almost cost a goal (31’). Diego Caballo also made mistakes and was the player with more losses (17). The defence needs to fix these issues, because there are rivals that won’t forgive these mistakes.

3- The goalkeeper: The fans ended with the feeling that Depor have finally found a secure goalkeeper. The mentioned error of Albentosa was close to end in goal, but Dani Giménez made a great save against Enric Gallego. Last season those errors were always ending with the team allowing a goal.

4- Didier Moreno was the best debutant: There was a lot of interest in seeing Vicente Gómez acting as the link between defence and offence in thee diamond figure at midfield. The true s that the Canarian had a mediocre debut, he was fine at the beginning, but started to fade away with the passage of the minutes, to the point of passing unnoticed in the second half.

That’s why he was replaced and Didier Moreno entered the field. The Colombian had a more explosive debut as he brought balance to midfield and even participated in attack. Christian Santos also debuted, but in seven minutes he barely touched the ball as Deportivo were more worried defending.

Seizing the opportunities: Truly Depor still looking like a team that has the ball possession, but that later lacks the needed depth to transform it into scoring chances. Still, in this game it had enough opportunities to conquer a bigger margin, but the attackers wasted all the opportunities. Borja Valle was very active in the game, but also failed to much, especially in the big chance that he had before an empty goal (68’). Still, it was him who fought for the ball in the play of the goal.



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