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30 Aug 2018
Depor’s sporting director expects to close the arrival of a new striker before Friday. He also said that Tytoń will leave.

Carmelo Del Pozo addressed the media during the presentation of Michele Somma. He confirmed that Depor will sing a new striker, that Tytoń will surely leave and that Albentosa, Saúl and Krohn-Dehli are the other players that could go out in this last stretch of the market, though it’s also possible that they could stay. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Albentosa: “The situation is the same that we talked in the last press conference, the idea was to sign a new centre-back. Raúl is in that situation in which both parties can be interested in an exit, it will be from here until Friday, if not he will be another centre-back, there’s no problem with that.”

Is Depor still trying to sign a new attacker? “The idea is to close it before deadline day. I don’t like to wait until the last minute, because it creates situations without control. We hope it could be closed. What we understand it won’t be a loan without a buyout option. The issue of the striker will be ready before Friday unless something really weird happens.”

Is Depor interested in Carlos Fernández and Álex Alegria? “Any player that you are mentioning could come, there are more names, but our idea is to find a player that, for the tactic implemented so far, can be different to what the coach wants. Those are good players and could be good options.”

Can Tytoń stay?: “No. Tytoń won’t be at the squad of Deportivo La Coruña. He knows it since day one”

Saúl: “The situation is the same, if there’s an interesting situation for him, then he will leave. We have two players on he left and, for the tactic used by the coach, 1-4-4-2 there isn’t a winger in that scheme, but if he changes it then we will need wingers, and Saúl, Dubarbier and Caballo have played as left wingers, so if he has to stay, he will stay, but if there’s an interesting choice for him then we will help him.”

Carles Gil and RCD Espanyol: “We aren’t aware of anything between Espanyol and Carles Gil.”

 Fearing any unexpected exit? “We understand that all the lads want to stay, but there’s the situation of Michael [Krohn-Dehli]. If something comes out for him he could leave. The rest we expect that they could stay.”

Borja Valle “Yesterday he wore the armband. The idea is that he could stay. Little by little we have been approaching. We are advancing and we want to be together. I believe he can stay, that’s the first step. He wanted to leave after having two bad years. I believe he has realized about the love of the fans and little by little is adapting He is leaning that things are changing and we already gave that step that we realized it’s good opportunity to see him staying.”



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