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03 Sep 2018
Bittersweet taste after dropping two points at the last second, but it’s something that already happened this season. The best news was to check the physical state of the players. The worst news was the performance of Bóveda.

The six notes of the game at CD Tenerife:

1- The syndrome of the last minutes: For the second time in three matchdays, Depor are dropping points in the final minutes. In each one of the three games played so far the Galicians were winning by minute 80 and ended suffering, in the game at Albacete a penalty cost two points, now at Tenerife an error in a set-piece cost two points during the stoppage time. Beyond believing that these are punctual cases, the true is that Depor is having a hard time trying to close the games.

2- A system that fails: Depor still adapting to the new system implemented by Natxo González. The team started well, but everything fell apart as soon as the rival made adjustments. Etxeberria allowed the entry of Nano in the second half, which meant to see a player coming from the back of the midfielders, then Depor was lost the control and suffocated as the ball wasn’t passing from midfield. Anyone can notice that something is not working when the team has three midfielders on the pitch and none of them is able to bring an output to the ball.

3- The physical state: The best news of the game was to check the physical state of the players. The team demonstrated to be on shape despite this was only matchday 03, it endured the harassment of the locals and was fresh enough to surpass a tired rival in the final minutes, it’s the main reason why the team caressed the victory as  Tenerife was off within the final ten minutes while Depor had enough legs to create two scoring chances in counterattacks, one of them ended in a goal.

4- The presence of Didier Moreno: The Colombian demonstrated in only 26 minutes that he can mark a difference on this season. He is the only midfielder at the squad that’s strong both in defense and offense. He entered the pitch in order to regain control of a midfield sector that was already overflowed, and ended providing the assist to the second goal.

5- Terrible game for Bóveda: It has been a bad start to the season for Eneko Bóveda. He almost cost goals with his errors in the past two games, and it happened again. He failed twice in this game and in both opportunities the rival had a clear chance to score. It invites to think that Natxo could make changes as Somma and Pablo Mari are waiting for an opportunity.

6- The first doubts with the goalkeeper: It would be unfair to blame Dani Giménez for dropping two points at the last second. First, because the whole defense failed in that free-kick, and second, because he had already saved Depor in a previous play. What cannot be denied is that, after the terrible season of the goalkeepers on last year, this is a position that will be overlooked by the fans and the media. It was also noticed the risk taken in some plays in which he and Bóveda were exchanging the ball when a rival was really close to the keeper.



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