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03 Sep 2018
The coach and the players were disappointed for dropping two points in the last play, but at the same time they believe it’s positive to add points when the team is playing away from home.

Coach Natxo González didn’t know if the result was fair as he was analyzing the match, “I don’t know. I don’t know if it was fair. As you said, each half was for one team. We were superior in the first half an hour, with the goal and some clear chances. In the second half they made a step forward and it was hard for us to surpass the situation and the rival. We reached the last stretch better in a physical sense, for that reason we had the chance of Pedro and the goal of Borja, and when we had it, the action in set-pieces, but I don’t know if it was fair.”

He was trying to explain what happened in the second half, “We were overflowed in many cases, we didn’t find what we wanted. They were intense and that intensity needs to be counteracted moving the ball to the positions where we wanted. We did it in the first half, we failed in the second. “

“In any case we understood that we were going to suffer in this stadium. We knew what could happen and never knew how to surpass the situation. The games last 90 minutes, it isn’t enough with 45. We weren’t able to be plug in, and when we did it then we didn’t have continuity. The rival pushes and you are exposed.” He added.

Natxo also explained the changes, “Quique was at the limit with a muscle problem and later we needed to surpass the pressure. Didier has the ability to be intense in defence and later, in offense, to overflow the lines. The third change with Edu was made to cover the centre of the field and make three passes, but we weren’t able to add the points.”
Finally, the coach was making his analysis of the three away matches that started the season, “We are demanding with ourselves and we think we could have added more points of what we have, but we lost points in Albacete and today in the stoppage time. Five points, but we could have added more.”

Vicente Gómez explained his vision of the game, “I believe the first half was fine, the second not too god with the changes of Tenerife. We lost the line, but the important thing is that we scored again though the pity was the last goal in a set-piece. We are sorry for dropping two points today. They put a man to cover the back of our midfielders and the positive thing is that we managed to overcome the situation, but it was a pity that we knew how to suffer to end dropping points at the last minute.”

The Canarian was also analyzing the rally of three away games, “Today’s draw, for how it was, leave you demotivated, but in a general sense to add five points is to be satisfied, though it’s true that you end feeling sorry after analyzing the games at Albacete and todays one, we could have added more points.”

Borja Valle scored the second goal and analyzed the meeting, “This is football. It’s a matter of 93 or 94 minutes and if you are relaxed or thinking that something is yours, then in this league they take it from you. It was a hard game in which we were better in the first half. It’ a bittersweet taste for what happened in the last minute, but we also need a positive lecture for what they did in the second part.”

The Ponferada-born attacker believes it’s important to add points on the road, “Yes, that’s important. For me this is the key of been playing at Segunda División: to always add points. You know it’s a marathon and the one arriving at the end with more points have the advantage and it’s always important to add, especially if you play away from home.”

At CD Tenerife, Joseba Etxeberriawas content with the reaction of his team, “Each half was for one team, and it isn’t easy to play against a rival with the entity of this one. They demand a lot and has quality. We were better in the second part and that version is the one I want to see. We adjusted the pressure and it allowed us to play with criterion and create goal opportunities. It would have been cruel to lose the game for all we did in the second part.”



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