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04 Sep 2018
The improvements to the Riazor aren’t done and the club has to replace 8,564 socios in other sectors of the stadium. The problems might affect other home games.

The announced improvements at the roof the Riazor were considered as ambitious project, firstly for the amount of the project (€8.7 million) and also because it was fixing an old problem affecting the public attending to the stadium, but especially because it was conceded as too optimistic as the planned time for the development was only of three months.

And in the end it proved to be too optimistic, because there’s an important delay in the project as the zones of Marathón and Pabellón are not even covered by the new structure that will hold the roof. The Major of A Coruña, Xulio Ferreiro, confirmed to reporters that the delay could extend the project for one additional month.

The lawn is in perfect conditions as it was replaced after ending last season, the problems is the zones that aren’t covered yet and the equipment of the construction company that not only affect the presence of fans, but also affects the traffic around the Riazor.

After an emergency meeting, the club informed that 8,564 ticket holders will have to be moved ahead of Sunday’s game against Sporting Gijón. These socios are located at the zones of Marathón (superior e inferior) & Pabellón (superior, inferior y curva de Pabellón)

The club also informed yet that not tickets will be sold the day of the game and neither will allow the presence of Sporting’s fans, which always have an important presence at the stadium due to the distance that makes a trip accessible from Gijón. Actually, this was expected to be the biggest home game on the season in terms of attendance.

The affected socios have to contact the club in order to receive instructions of their temporal seats. Taking in mind the current state of the works at the stadium, this could also affect the next two home games for Depor: Granada CF (September 24) and Málaga CF (October 7).



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