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14 Sep 2018
Natxo González presented a variation to his usual tactic, the earliest elimination in 60 years will leave several men without the chance to play in the near future.

The six notes from the game in Copa De Rey:

1- The variation of the 4-3-1-2:Natxo González presented a variation of the 4-3-2-1 system that he has been implemented in this start of season, he told Pedro Mosquera to be in the middle of the centre-backs when the team was defending, this in order to close the gaps, so the draw was really a 5-3-2 when the team was in defensive tasks. During the first half the problem was that later the team didn’t find a proper output of the ball as neither Krohn-Dehli nor Edu Expósito found the way to connect with the attackers.

2- The day and night of Cartabia and Carles Gil: Two very different halves and the main explanation is the performance of Cartabia and Carles Gil. The duo was off I in the first half and, as soon as Natxo González adjusted the positions at half-time, both started to have a more protagonic role and then the team started to have opportunities. A message for future games: Depor have more options to win if Cartabia and Carles Gil are properly placed.

3- The doubts with Dubarbier: Some of the players that performed in this game left a negative feeling, from an Ortolá that allowed two goals receiving two shots on target, to a Krohn-Dehli that passed unnoticed the entire meeting. But the main criticism was over Sebastian Dubarbier, who simply was terrible committing silly mistakes and conceding too much to a rival that also played with substitutes. It invites to ask why Saúl isn’t getting any chance.

4- End to the rotations: The elimination in Copa means that Depor will only have to play 38 more games on this season and surely closes the opportunities to the men that aren’t playing in liga, this since the squad is large (24 players). Now the only chance to see players like Saúl or Ortolá is the appearance of injuries or low-form cases throughout the campaign.  It means frustration for some men and a possible problem that Natxo González must control.

5- The earliest elimination in 60 years: The low-tier teams always start playing in early stages of Copa Del Rey. This was the second round of this season edition and Deportivo are already eliminated. The last time Depor were eliminated in an early stage was during the season 1967/68, at the time the Galician team was at Segunda and was eliminated in the previous round by Hércules CF in a two-leg series (1-3 & 1-1).

6- Debutants in Copa: Up to nine players were making their first appearance for Depor playing for Copa Del Rey: Ortolá, Bóveda, Somma, Dubarbier, Krohn-Deli, Didier Moreno, Pedro Sánchez, Víctor García and Carlos Fernández. Totally, 445 men have played for Depor in this competition.



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