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14 Sep 2018
The coach explained the strategy for the game and, together with the players, they felt sorry for not seizing the good second half of the team.

Coach Natxo González was accepting that each team dominated one half, “I believe we didn’t find the game and space in the first half, maybe for been afraid. There was no progression. Meanwhile, Zaragoza, besides taking the advantage early in the game, found depth and their attacks were more vertical. We met a situation that we didn’t live before: to be behind in the score. Soon in the second part they scored the second and we had a good reaction, which was important. We wasted several minutes, but also reacted to a situation that we didn’t live before.”

“We were wrong in the first half, we wanted to have the ball, but didn’t move forward. We lost order with the passage of the minutes, and I believe we were better with the corrections made in the second half. We allowed two goals, but we knew how to react to a new situation.” He added.

Later he was feeing sorry as the Copa is a competition that help to distribute minutes among the players, “This competition is useful to see all the players having opportunities and minutes, since that point it is a new defensive line and we can extract some good things from the game.”

Natxo was also explaining the motive why Mosquera was playing delayed on the field, “The idea is to have three centre-backs and later have the ball possession, because the rival tries to leave players in delicate offensive positions, so you needed someone to make the covers. And in some plays, when we were attacking, he was back in the middle.”

Víctor García debuted with the first team, he was commenting the game, “It was hard for us to enter into the game after the first minutes, because the goal hammered us, but the team reacted, and later the goal of Cartabia and the reaction had in the second half helped us to be close to tie the game. We were hopeful, but we were surprised by their early goal.”

The winger explained how he lived the opportunity to make his professional debut, “Things went fast. The day before yesterday, I was resting at home after traveling to Madrid, and then they phoned me to train with the first team. It was a big surprise and I didn’t expect for this. There are many good players at the squad ad it was surprising to see that I was the one called up.”

Pedro Mosquera was explaining his position on the field, “When they had the ball, we were making the output of the ball with three players and they had a formation that was good for us. We had the ball and we missed depth in the first half. In the end it was a game in which the players without minutes performed. It was a pity to not score the equalizer as we had chances for it.”

The midfielder was saying that Depor must now focus in la liga, “We now must focus in liga, we must prepare the game in Alcorcón and be ready for it. We are aware that all the games are complicated, but we haven’t lost in liga and want to continue in the same road.”

At Real Zaragoza, Imanol Idiakez was satisfied with the result, but also admitted that his team suffered, “It was a great match, we were more effective than Deportivo and must valorize the rival that was in front of us. The attitude was great, these people are working at the top and this is good news for Real Zaragoza. The team knew how to suffer in this game, until now we never spent so many time running after the ball.” 




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