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17 Sep 2018
The coach and the players believe that Depor needed more brain in this game, Natxo González was remembering that the league is just starting and that people cannot be losing the calm at this point.

Coach Natxo González was analyzing the game, “I believe we started fine in the game, but Alcorcón started to impose with their game. They had more danger and we know that they are number one administrating the advantage. We tried, but with more heart than with the head.”

“You try to make changes, what happens is that this field needs a good lecture in secondary plays. And this team was superior, and if they have the scoresheet in their favour then it’s more difficult. And if you don’t seize your chances then you lose.” He added.

The coach was repeating that the team lacked intelligence in this match, “I am not satisfied, knowing that the rival is strong at home. But I believe we didn’t know how to administrate the game. Too much heart and little intelligence.”

About the second red card of Krohn-Dehli on this season, he thinks it was an accident, “It was an individual frustration. We had to put the ball in the area and it was an individual frustration. It’s weird, I want to think it’s an accident.”

Finally, Natxo was transmitting the idea that the league has just started and that this is only one of many curves in the way out, “I am calm. I will try to remain calm. We have been insisting that the league is difficult, no matter how we are, it’s very difficult to win the games and we must remain calm, because this has just started. It would be bad if we start to be desperate. We cannot lose the patience now, this is only the fifth matchday. No one should be thinking that we were going to win all the games.”

Álex Bergantiños was commenting the game, “First defeat, it’s always painful to lose. Typical game on this field, they surpassed us in secondary plays and it was a game of only a few opportunities. It was a game with several interruptions, with many fouls and there was no continuity. When you are surpassed it’s difficult.”

“We need to adapt as soon as possible. You always suffer on here and we need to improve in secondary plays, because there are many games that will be played like this. There are many things to analyze.” The midfielder added.

Dani Giménez was also analyzing the meeting, “It’s difficult on here, Alcorcón keep the intensity on here and they are playing good football on this year. We lacked patience in the game and were opening too easily. We lacked patience. I had the hope to score the goal at the end, and maybe we sought the equalizer with more heart than brain.”

“This team is intense at home and if you don’t match that intensity then it’s difficult. Many times you try to play and have the ball, and if you miss two passes then it’s harder. It was complicated and you watched that the players of Alcorcón were closer of what they really were.” The keeper added.

At AD Alcorcón, Cristobal Parralo was content with the performance of his team, “The line is that you need to be optimistic and must have this humility and hard work. We cannot stop here and must improve. The competence is equal and the team is responding, but maybe we should have more points, but the standings put you where you deserve. We search for the salvation and there’s no limit for us.”



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