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18 Sep 2018
Deportivo have the third best salary cap in the league, the Galicians were favoured by the relegation insurance. It ads pressure to the promotion dreams as in future seasons the insurance disappears.

At the end of last week, La Liga released the salary caps at Primera and Segunda División for the season 2018/19. Since five years ago, La Liga established a limit that every club can invest in their teams. This limit is established taking in mind the incomes and the payments that the club must do in a single season.

A calculation is made with the goal of avoiding a negative balance in their economies, then the club’s officials are informed about the money they can expend in their first teams and academy squads (the salary cap also includes sporting employees as coaches and doctors).

It isn’t surprising to see that the three clubs with the bigger salary cap are the ones recently relegated from the elite, because they receive an extra payment in an insurance figure. Málaga CF have the bigger insurance as they spent more time at Primera (one of the criterions to calculate the amount of the insurance is the number of seasons the club spent at Primera since their previous relegation), so the Andalusians have the bigger salary cap.

CA Osasuna and Sporting Gijón are the clubs that aren’t recently relegated teams and that at least have ten million in their salary cap. Three clubs have less than three million, Córdoba CF invested a lot during the last winter window, and now have been punished as their incomes for the year were barely covering those expenses. Meanwhile, Reus Deportiú had problems inscribing their sponsorships and for that reason ended with the lower cap at Segunda.

The situation ads pressure to the promotion aspirations of Deportivo, Málaga CF and UD Las Palmas, because these three clubs know that, if they don’t get the promotion now, then it will be harder to do it in future years as their salary cap is reduced. Just to see the situation of CA Osasuna, Sporting Gijón and Granada CF, the previous relegated clubs from Primera that now represent the 4th, 5th and 6th best cap in the league.

The salary caps at Segunda: (numbers in millions)

Málaga         25.25
Las Palmas         19.28
Deportivo         18.51
Osasuna         11.12
Sporting         10.92
Granada           9.54
Tenerife           8.37
Oviedo           8.02
Cádiz           7.90
Almeria           6.99
Mallorca           6.93
Albacete           6.64
Zaragoza           6.37
Numancia           5.99
Gimnástic           5.24
Extremadura           5.16
Lugo           5.11
Alcorcón            5.09
Rayo Majadahonda            4.05
Córdoba            3.93
Elche            3.86
Reus            3.16




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