02 Dec 2005
Sergio disappeared from the starting lineup since his bad performance in the visit to Real Sociedad. For the moment he's waiting for a new chance in the squad. Now, the Catalan midfielder talks about several issues including the current state of Depor, the possible renovation of Caparr??s and the Spanish national team.

Q: On the last Sunday it was see that Depor isn't at the same level than Villarreal. Do the squad need more time in order to be the same team of some seasons ago? 
A: Yes, the truth is that the exigency level is very high, that's because we obtained things in the past. It's necessary to have patience, whenever a change in the coaching staff occurs is necessary to have an adaptation stage, and this period could be short or long. It seemed that it was going to be short for the results that we were achieving. We didn't win the Intertoto and that was only bad luck.  After that we accumulated three or four games without a victory and we lost the patience, but the match against (Real) Madrid was a risky bet, it was double or nothing, people returned to think that maybe we don't have a team to win Liga, because we are conscious of it, but at least we have a very competitive squad in order to put us in Europe. I don't know if this will occur through the Champions League, that can sound very difficult to accomplish, but as minimum we must aspire to fight for the UEFA. We are in that way, is truth that Villarreal played very well, they were superior, their idea of football is different. We are used to run, and at the end they were better, but only after the goal of Riquelme.

Q: Caparr??s demonstrated in Sevilla that he can be in the top without great stars in his team. Should this year be consider as one of transition? 
A: I believe that this year and the one that comes. Football is very demanding, it goes to the limit, and we can't have the luxury to say:  "We are going to play well and the results will arrive soon". No, it's complicated to make the two things simultaneously, for this reason he wants to give us character and strength, all this in order to make a team without forgetting that if we are in Depor is because we are good players. Then, little by little we are going to achieve the results. But it is truth that the public will always demand for good results and the coach wanted to achieve them since his arriving. With the base that we have and some that could come, Depor will return to be the squad that we always liked, but in the beginning you can't request for everything.

Q: And the agreement in which the renovation of Caparr??s has been negotiated for several years?, how do you see it?
 A: It must give serenity and confidence to him. The coach will be very happy because the president is satisfied with his work. He knows that the president trusts in him and that's good because we can continue working in the same way. It's a positive thing for him and the group, we know that we're going to be together for a long time. It's a positive thing and a reason to be happy.

Q. Now it's time to face Sevilla, the former squad of Caparr??s. How do you see it? 
A: In the away games we are showing seriousness and sobriety. We can win, but it will be a complicated match because they also have a style defined by Juande (Ramos).

Q: Speaking of the national team, the squad seems to oscillate between the pessimism and the euphoria, without average terms. The players are excessively pressed? 
A: The concept of the national team in Spain is complex by the fact of having the best European League. We are good players, but it's necessary to know that perhaps the superiority that we are showing in the continent is created by the men who come from outside. The People thinks that Spain must win everything, but the 'cracks' are from outside. It's truth that we have a very good team, but we aren't going to arrive at Germany in order to win everything. With a little luck and work maybe we can reach the final stages, but it's difficult to transmit the idea. We are all very practical, including the media. It's necessary to give a margin of years in order to see if we are good or not; and then, we can be drastic.

Q: Do you usually speak with your teammates about the option of going to the World Cup? 
A: I am convinced that if Depor qualifies to Europe, two players among us are going to travel to the World Cup. Perhaps it's possible that some people will thought that I don't know what I'm talking about, but I'm convinced. It can be Valer??n, Diego (Trist??n), V?­ctor, even me...  It’s complicated. The coach is counting with a group very defined, but I trust in my possibilities like my teammates.

Q: It's good for the national team the fact that now some players are performing outside of Spain? 
A: Hopefully, it can be positive because you coexist in another level. English football has other characteristics and that transmits different aspects to you. It helps you to have a different taste in the squad.

Q: Do you think that Depor needs to sign somebody in the winter market? 
A: I'm always open to the reinforcements. If a good player comes, he will be welcome, it doesn't matter if you are badly or in a regular way. If somebody comes to contribute, without a doubt I will say yes.

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