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02 Oct 2018
First comeback of the season despite the problems with the output of the ball, Quique is on fire and is one of the top-scorers in the league.

The six notes from the game at Gimnástic Tarragona:

1- Reaction: Back-to-back wins for Deportivo, but the important thing is that the team reacted to an adverse situation. For the first time on the season the Galician team came back in the score to end winning a game, and it did it facing big problems in a game in which the rival was seizing the errors in the output of the ball, but the bigger punch in attack prevailed and Depor ended with a two-goal win for the first time in the campaign.

2- Errors in the output of the ball It seemed that each time that Depor was under pressure and trying to pull the ball from the back it was going to cost a goal. The team wasn’t finding the passing lanes and an error of Mosquera cost the goal for the locals, at minute 29 there was a new error that almost cost the second goal. A signal that the diamond figure at midfield still need to be polished.

3- Vicente Gómez and Pedro Mosquera: Another good game by Vicente, who was the man with the criterion to direct the transition defence-attack. Meanwhile, Mosquera was under fire for the error that cost the goal of Nástic. Truly the Galician midfielder faced problems as in this game he was the more delayed man in the diamond figure and was the main victim of Nástic’s pressure, but it’s also true that he wasn’t the only one making mistakes. A bad pass of Didier Moreno almost cost the second goal (29’), and even Domingos Duarte was having problems passing the ball (the defender is the third man with more passes in the league, 339).

4- The sparks of Carlos Fernández: Carlos Fernández is the only striker at the squad that hasn’t scored yet, but it doesn’t mean that he isn’t shining. Truly he passes unnoticed in large stages of the games, but the 22-year-old attacker marks the difference when he appears. It was him who made something different in two of the three goals, in the first he collected the ball in a difficult position, but resolved brilliantly chipping the ball into the path of Carles Gil, and in the second he protected the ball between two defenders before the cross of Saúl.

5- Saúl or Caballo? Dreamed situation for Natxo González as he is having two young left-backs with a promising start of season. Once again Saúl García shone with Depor, this time with a solid performance crowned with two assists (he made five crosses, two shots and three recoveries). Now the question is what will happen when Caballo is fit to play again. 

6- Quique is on fire: Impressive week for Quique Gonzalez as he scored four goals in a frame of six days. It might not seem impressive as practically he only had to push the ball in, but the art of a striker is to know where to be placed. The Valladolid-born attacker has now scored six goals in liga, the highest number tied with Las Palmas’ Rubén Castro and Extremadura’s Enrich Gallego. Beyond that, he has only needed twelve shots and six shots on target for the best conversion rate in the league. His straight braces are something unseen at Depor since Lassad scored six goals four days in September of 2011 (Four in Copa Del Rey and two in Segunda).



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