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02 Oct 2018
The coach and the goal-scorers were happy with Depor’s performance, Nástic’s coach believes the result was too much punishment for his team.

Coach Natxo González was commenting the game, “We knew it was a difficult game, as a visitant and in a complicated field, and we weren’t doing a bad game. We were having the control and having arrivals, and in a detail they claimed the lead. This league isn’t easy and neither to turn a result, and we did it with confidence.”

“Today was a new challenge, to be similar to the things we were doing as locals We are content, but as you know everything can be improved, and we have many things that can be improved. It’s difficult to comeback in the score in this league, but we did it having good chances. We were fine in the second half, the game was demanding concentration in secondary plays, it was a matter of defending well and seizing our chances, and we were effective at the rival’s area.” He added.

The coach was also explaining what happened to Cartabia, “It was the adductor muscle, we will see the scans, but he is broken emotionally. I guess it was a rupture, but you never know. He is feeling screwed. He was fine training and was happy. Maybe he was crying because he realized he will mis a week, you never know.”

Natxo didn’t give importance to the errors committed in the output of the ball that cost a goal, “We aren’t perfect, and we will still be committing errors.” Finally, he was happy with the performance of Saúl, “Call him to the national team [he laughed]. Saúl is coming from a team that was close to get the promotion on last year, so we aren’t discovering anything with this player. He didn’t have chances before at Depor, and now he is having them and is seizing those opportunities.”

Christian Santos was smiling as he scored seconds later after entering the pitch, “I am happy for seizing the minutes, also happy for the minutes. I believe it’s important to be fine. It was a good cross and I was there. I am happy.”

The Venezuelan striker was praising the evolution of Deportivo, “Each game we will see a more solid Depor, with more freedom and feeling loose. I am happy as the team is living a good streak. I am happy for taking advantage of the minutes, and I am happy leaving content with a goal.”

Quique González was also happy with the performance of Depor, “We are very happy, another game and another victory, now to work hard in order to prepare a new game at home. We all work in order to do a great job. Sometimes things don’t work out, but now things are arriving.”

He was talking of his form for after scoring four goals in a matter of six days, “Surely for a striker is great for a striker to add goals, but I am not satisfied. I want to continue helping and see Depor adding three points, this is a matter of everyone. This is a matter of all, I need to receive passes in order to score goals.”

At Gimnástic Tarragona, José Antonio Gordillo was feeling sorry as he thinks the result was too much punishment for his team, “We were fine at the start of the game, creating opportunities to score more goals. A good start that faded away with the passage of the minutes, in this case the comeback from the rival. After their second goal we fell down. They played with criterion and it was a bad thing to not been able to compete until the last minute, because it’s painful to not add anything after an important work. The team made the merit to compete hand on hand with a great team like Deportivo, and I believe it was an excessive punishment.” 




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