05 Oct 2018
Didier Moreno conceded an interview to Sportpaper AS, the Colombian midfielder talked of his arrival to the national team of Colombia, his career and the upcoming match against MŠlaga CF.

Q: After Alcorcůn, two perfect weeks...
A: Yes. We have chained two victories. These wins have been very convenient and we continue with our growth.

And now, the leader arrives...
A: It's a nice game. A rival that comes at the top, doing things well and adding many points. But we play at home, with our people and we are going to go for the three points.

What Malaga do you expect?
A: Itís a team that defends well and works hard. You need to have patience to build up things and capitalize the opportunities.

Q: How is your adaptation to European football?
A: I think I'm still in a period of adaptation, but growing. I am getting used to a new pace and style. The Colombian league is slower, but little by little I enter the team's dynamic.

Q: How are you on the right side of Natxo's rhombus?
A: Lately I had been more a pivote, but I had already played there. It isnít a position that I donít know, but I still need to mechanize the movements.

Q: What do you think you should or can do better?
A: Many things, I still have a lot to learn. I work in silence to tune everything day by day.

Q: Is the penalty against Sporting already forgotten?
A: Yes, itís a closed chapter. I failed, we turn the page and what is coming is much better.

Q: And so much that you have been called for the first time by Colombia...
A: Itís an immense joy. I have been looking for it for a long time and it has been given. Thankful to God and to the support of my family to reach this dream. I will enjoy and take the opportunity.

Q: Did you wait for the call?
A: I knew that by coming to Europe it could open a door for the national team. But the true is that I wasnít expecting it so soon, I was caught by surprise.

Q: And you will meet several ex-partners from the U-20 team...
A: Yes, there are many with whom I coincided as James, Arias, Jeison Murillo... it will be nice to meet them again.

Q: How do you see Colombia?
A: In a process that ends and thatís resumed after eight very fruitful years with two World Cups and good performances. It has created a base of important players and very well positioned worldwide.

Q: Did you remember someone when you were picked by the national team?
A: I have present many people from my training process who were my coaches and became friends, parents. The 'pitufo' Ńvila was fundamental. The Chilean Molina. You are not taken to a place only by talent, but also by hard work and people who instill values in you.

Q: Do you remember the day you decided to become a footballer?
A: Perfectly. It was the day that I decided to leave my house to find my dream. My parents didnít agree, but my older brother convinced them. I was 13 and it was difficult to leave, but I had the certainty.

Q: And now you are in Europe. Why Deportivo?
A: In Colombia there were always expectations that I would go out. Offers came, but they didnít fill me, until the one of Depor arrived. It's not so much the economic thing, it's the project. I didnít doubt.

Q: You arrived on loan with a purchase option. What is your idea?
A: My idea is to stay in Depor for a long time. I want to convince the club to keep my rights and enjoy on here.



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