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07 Oct 2018
Depor’s coach is aware that the game has a double importance a it opens the chance to reduce the distance with he leader, while Málaga’s manager isn’t excited for been the first place at this point.

Natxo González addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He is convinced that the squad has enough depth to cover the casualty of Vicente, while he described the game as a chance to reduce the distance with the leader. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Facing the leader: “Yes, it’s the best team so far, the one that’s first. It’s always important to keep a minimal distance with the first place, and tomorrow we have an opportunity. We will try to win, if not to at least add. The development of the game will make you change the strategy.”

The state of the team: “To see a team able to win several games is because the team is sure about what’ doing. You need to think that you are above any rival, t’s the feeling of the winners, and we are in that way. We have chained two victories and let’s see if add a third.”

Attitude of Málaga: “I don’t know what to expect, maybe they will give you the initiative, or maybe they will be attacking. We must be ready to respond against any alternative. The numbers of Málaga are there, their defensive stats are calling the attention. Nothing happens if they don’t have the ball, though they have the capacity to have it. They are solid in set-pieces and is a mature team. It’ a virtue to do what they are doing.”

Who is the favourite? “I don’t know. Almost always we are the favourites and I don’t give importance to it. You need to earn on the field what has been said in the outside.”

The injury of Vicente Gómez: “He is a player that adds things on the field, we don’t have him for Sunday and we will see. We have different profiles for the position and I’m sure we will able to respond. We always talked of the depth at the squad and the level of the team, so we expect to be able to respond to these casualties.”

Málaga won six of the first seven games: “It’s difficult to do what they have done so far. But you need to see how the results were achieved, I believe their keeper gave them a lot of points. They won at the last minutes against Lugo and Alcorcón. These are tough numbers to achieve and that’s it, because I don’t think they are invincible.”

Quique González: “I knew him and said since the first day that we were able to sign him only because he only scored four goals last year, so we must thank him for only scoring four times last season. He is a player that can perform on the wing and with certain characteristics. He is a lad with goal. His numbers are good, but I am not surprised.”

Who is going to play as a left-back? “I have a clear idea of who’s going to play.”

Will Edu Expósito or Michael Krohn-Dehli play? “Both are fine and both have options. I see that they are fine”

Roster released until Sunday: “It will be normal if we have a last training session the day of the game, I will release it after the session. It isn’t for any other motive.”

Juan Ramón López Muñiz addressed the media on Friday; he still calling to be calm as the leadership means nothing at this point, while he named the virtues of the rival. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Expectations for the game: "Another match in the league, with three points in play and against a good rival that last year was in Primera, surely they will demand a lot of sacrifice to bring the three points to Malaga.”

Deportivo: "Depor is a team that dominates the opposing area and that has a punch, they have good players and they are made to be at the top of the standings, their strengths are the individualities in the rival’s area and have an assimilated system, they have adapted quickly to the league.”

State of the squad: "I'm calm, because I have players who know what they are going to do, those who are out of the roster must be happy, because they are contributing an important grain of sand to the block, we have to thank them for being prepared and working well.”

Roster with 20 players: “We have 20 players because we are going to do one last training and we need to anticipate situations that may happen. It’s also good to incorporate players into the game environment and form of group. I don’t think we are going to have novelties, because anyone who integrates the squad is willing to travel. It hurts me to leave people out because they could play as starters and I know they would do well."

Is the game a final? “The match is worth three points, I don’t differentiate any match, in all of them you play the same, no matter the opponent. The points are the same, only that here you would take points from a direct rival. We are in October and ten months are left, the league ends in the summer. I don’t look at the other teams, I try to look at us. All points are vital.”

Ricca is the youngest captain at Segunda: "In order to be a captain you don’t have to look at the age, you need to have personality, maturity and be a good professional. The captain has to be an example for everyone else inside the club, outside the field and on a day-to-day basis. And he carries with this with perfection. In the end, being a captain has a lot of wear and tear, there are situations that aren’t seen, but in which they have to be present.”




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