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09 Oct 2018
The draw left mixed feelings among the coach and the players, this for the decision of the referee related to Quique’s expulsion. Natxo and Carlos Fernández couldn’t believe it was a red card.

Coach Natxo González was having mixing feelings after the game, “The final feeling is bittersweet. Sweet because after been losing against this team we were able to equalize and not lose. Bitter because we were in an important dynamic and we ended with ten men. In a general sense? In the first half the rival didn’t make a shot, we have two good chances and this was a game with a few opportunities, and you needed to be effective, we didn’t do it and Málaga claimed the lead.”

“It’s complicated, their defensive numbers are there and we have saw how the game was. You are exposed to the circumstances and in the general valorization you can say that we were fine. The key is that we were balanced in the opposite area, but we are satisfied as this is a tough team when they claim the lead. We said before that it was important to not lose and in that sense I am satisfied.” He added.

The Basque man couldn’t believe that Quique Fernández was sent off for attempting a scissors-kick, “I never saw it before, there’s always a first time in life. I think it was unfair, it was a big error that affected us, within the difficulty of been a referee, but this was a huge mistake, it is what it is and we need to accept it. Maybe it could have been a yellow card, but not a direct red card, for that it should have been an aggression.”
Finally, Natxo was explaining the change made at midfield, “Harper and Gustavo Blanco are difficult to face for the centre-backs and he [Álex Bergantiños] knows how to manage in that kinds of situations, he was important for the secondary plays. Krohn-Dehli was holding on with the ball and was important without it.”

Carlos Fernández was happy with his goal and couldn’t believe the red card of Quique, “The other day they asked me about not scoring yet, and I was calm, because the important thing is the team and to try to add. Today it was time to score the goal and I’m content. But you end up with a bittersweet taste, because after the equalizer it was our moment and the fans were with us, there was a red card for attempting a scissors-kick, something I never saw before and it was conditioning the game.”

“There was a reading until the expulsion, we were superior and had more presence, making crosses and having chances. The script was the same in the second part, their goal was weird and we were able to respond, we achieved the equalizer and then we suffered the expulsion, then the game changed and had to hold on. It seemed they were making a step forward and we fixed it.” The striker added.

Didier Moreno was happy as Depor rescued a point, “A game when there were a lot of ups and downs, the point is valuable for all the things faced during the game. I believe we cannot talk of justice in football, all work for the same goal, we made a good job and ended adding a point.”

The Colombian midfielder was also talking of Quique’s red card, “The referees can have mistakes and for me it wasn’t a red card, they should see the case. Ii trends to happen in football, you don’t want to make mistakes, the referee had a decision and we respect it, but don’t share it.”

Álex Bergantiños was also complaining of the red card, "The first sentence that came out on the field was that it was the first time we saw a direct red card for trying a scissors-kick. The referee commented that he couldn’t allow a kick like that, it's his interpretation. It is not usually seen, it’s the same as when a goalkeeper clears the ball with the fists. No expulsions are seen. I think he got too scared because the foot went high, but at no time Quique sees the opponent. It is a noble dispute. For all the players in the field it was a yellow. I didn’t get the feeling that they were asking for the red card. They simply demanded a card and were going to be interested in their partner. We were all surprised, the players understand that it’s a yellow, because it’s a dangerous play and it can hurt him, but from there to direct red... it seemed excessive to all of us. Obviously when they saw the expulsion they defended it, in their case I would have done the same. "

At Málaga CF, coach Juan Ramón López Muñiz was still saying that it isn’t important to see his team at the top of the standings at this point, “It’s always important when you add, but it’s more important to leave having positive feelings. But I will start to see the standings in March or April. Right now I am only interested in keep adding, to think of the next game, and in the spring we will see what goal is the one for what we are fighting for.”

He was also trying to justify the red card of Quique, “It’s a scissors-kick that was too high and the player hit the head of the rival. If the referee sent him off it was because he saw something in the rules. As I always say, these are decisions that we can only accept. Sometimes the referee is fine sometimes don’t. What we know is that the play was very clear, because there was a strike over the rival.” 




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