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12 Oct 2018
Depor’s coach wants to be cautious with the expectations as Depor face a team from the second part of the standings, while Elche’s manager is optimistic with the chances of his team at the Riazor.

Natxo González addressed the media on Thursday’s noon; he confirmed that Christian Santos is going to be a starter and also admitted that this game could be a trap. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Quique González: “It’s done. It’s a subject that I want to forget. I already gave my opinion and it’s done. It’s only one game.”

Expectations for the game: “We will have in front a team that’s uncomfortable, recently promoted, with five draws and one victory, always with close results, they were losing by two in Extremadura with one less man and got a draw, and later they made the merits to win in Oviedo. It’s a tough game, maybe too close, we will depend of our efficiency at the rival’s area in order to have a looser match.”

Sory Caba: “They have Nino. It’s true that six of the seven goals were scored by him, so it’s an important casualty, but they have good players: Nino and Benja.”

Eneko Bóveda: “He is out for tactical reasons.”

Vicente Gómez: “He is fine. He entered the roster and is available. He isn’t ready for 90 minutes, because he has been at other pace for some days. It wasn’t too long, but it’s tough. He won’t be ready for 90 minutes.”

All the strikers have already scored: “It’s good. We lose Quique, but we have a hunger Christian and recover Borja [Valle]. It’s important to see the strikers adding goals.”

Who will play at midfield? “It’s different every game. It’s tough to see the same four players during eight straight matchdays. It doesn’t mean you aren’t finding what you are looking for.  It’s a zone that needs movements, because there’s exhaustion in a long season, and we have depth at the squad in order to t keep things fresh.”

Is the game a trap for been facing a recently promoted team? “It’s always something passing through your head. I believe this is one of the games you say that it’s a must win, or that you will convert the point added against Málaga into something good with a win here. It’s always a worry in the mind of the coach, but so far the team hasn’t gave me any reason to doubt. I don’t like to ask things to the fans, but I will tell them to help us in order to add the three points, and not to think that they already come having the three points in the bag. We can say it’s a trap, but in some way the respect is high for all the rivals, because we see the equality in each matchday.”

Christian Santos: “He has been waiting for this opportunity, and the only think I expect is a good response. Maybe he is the stronger player in the aerial game and will help us in that sense.”

Do you have doubts with Krohn-Dehli? “I don’t know about the comments from the public, but Krohn-Dehli is one more player at the squad. We aren’t going to discover Michael Krohn-Dehli now, it will be a lack of respect for his career. Of course I count’ with him and he will be important at this team. He’s probably the player that understands the most our game.”

Borja Valle: “It’s good news that he is available. He started this week with the squad, maybe his presence on the roster was rushed with the casualties of Fede [Cartabia] and Quique, but beyond the injury, it is for the pace. He has a spent a while without competing, but this are good news.”

What’s Edu Expósito missing in order to be a starter? “To see the coach giving him an opportunity. That’s the thing left. It’s the truth. I believe he made good minutes against Granada and he is there. He must remain calm and must continue growing. I don’t have doubts with him, but needs patience. The chance will arrive at any moment.”

José Rojo ‘Pacheta’ addressed the media on Thursday’s noon. He is convinced that his team is ready to face the challenge of the Riazor despite the casualties affecting his team. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Playing at the Riazor: “We aren’t going to be a small team at the Riazor, we are going to play as a giant one. It’s a great team, with the majority of players coming from Primera. But we're not going to be afraid of anyone. We are going to fight with our weapons and style of playing; with all the hope of the first victory. We have been working this for two months, plus the month and a half of the pre-season. We are built to fight in all the zones of the standings. I'm happy, more with the message from the lads. We will be brave, without giving up anything.”

Quique González and Sory Kaba are out of the game: “The two strikers have six goals and are the references of both teams. But there’s place for others. We should not notice this casualty. The one that comes out, the one that pushes and we must do what we are doing. We must demand to continue in this lane. It’s our respect to the fans. We are going to try to be better than Deportivo.”

Who will be the starting strikers? “Benja and Nino have options. Missing one of the attackers, we will see the options that we have. You have to always leave alternatives, both playing and on the bench. It’s not yet decided what the starting eleven will be, but the way to play is clear.”

Iván Sánchez: “He is not making the trip. We are thinking about the starting eleven. We neither have Josan nor Alexander. We could have forced with one, but we have too many games and there is a lot of risk. Iván isn’t ready for this game, but for the next one. He doesn’t have a serious injury, but an issue that doesn’t let him be at one hundred percent. To be at 80%, I prefer him not to play. The pain he had was tough. It's not going to break, but I don’t want to risk him again. I'd rather wait a day before I break him and lose him for two months.”

Alternatives? “We have alternatives with Benja, Chuca or switch Broja to the other wing. The three of them are casualties affecting the right side. We can even pull a midfielder and see him playing on the side.”

A lot to gain and little to lose? “We also have to lose. We have to win in every game. It’s the idea that we have to put in our head, whoever is in front of us. There are teams that have better players and they will demand more, but we are prepared to take the ball away from them and generate chances. In the eight games we have played, there hasn’t been any team that has overwhelmed us. And in all of them we had good moments. We are taking the pace to the league and leaving good feelings, getting better and losing little. We are prepared to replace the casualties.”

What game do you expect? “There are going to be times when they will turn the field around. And we must be solid, compact and strong. If we don’t pay a high price in those moments, then we will have many options to win. But if they seize their chances, then it can hurt us. They have good arguments, run and have a tremendous control-pass. We must seize our moments. We will have to run a lot, but we are prepared to suffer.”



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