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14 Oct 2018
The coach and the players were satisfied for how the game evolved. They emphasizing the fact that Depo didn’t have to suffer in order to add the three points.

Coach Natxo González was emphasizing the comfort that Depor felt with the big win, “Yes. I don’t remember a victory like this one. It isn’t easy to win with this strength, so it isn’t bad to do it from time to time. In the first half we had many players behind the ball, but thanks to this hard work the rival was tired, it was possible to make a second half like this one. At the Riazor the games must turn to be too long, and if we are patient and demand things from the rival, then the scenario is different in the second part as it happened today.”

Asked about the hat-trick of Carlos Fernández, he preferred to emphasize the collective work, “What matter is the collective job, but truly you end channeling all the work and Carlos was fine defining the plays. We are satisfied with him, but especially for the victory. “

He also emphasized the fact of clinching a clean sheet, “It’s important. We were winning 3-0 and 4-0 and what we transmitted inside the pitch was that we needed a clean sheet. We spent some matchdays without doing it and we needed to not allow a goal. We wanted to have the possession in the last stretch, making seven or eight passes before the final one. Not to make two passes, because it’s when we could give options to the rival. So, it isn’t only to score four goals, but to not allow.”

The Basque man was asked if he was satisfied with the game of Edu Expósito, “It was what I expected. Apart from the hard work and sacrifice saw during the trainings, the normal thing is to see a good work in the game as it was.”

Natxo was also asked about the fact that his strikers are scoring goals, “It’s welcomed. It’s a good sign to have everyone available.  You aren’t fair with the players not entering the game, and later imagine the situation with the men out of the roster. I will like to shake the squad and see everyone competing.”

Alex Bergantiños emphasized the pleasant game in the second half, “The true is that it has been a while having a result like this one. Still, it was tough in the first part. We scored in a corner-kick and the rival deserves the merit. We started to move the ball and started to open the game in order to have the opportunities.”

The midfielder pointed that’s important to keep adding at home, “It’s a key on this league: to be strong at home. There will be games in which we will be jammed, but if we continue with this commitment we will move forward. The fans will notice it and we are putting the base, but we need to be humble and be aware that we are going to suffer if we lower the intensity.”

Carlos Fernández was explaining the game, “I am content because we added the three points. Today’s game was a little trap, against a team that hasn’t made the points according to what they have played. For me it was a complicate first half, there was no space and the strategy opened the game. After the second goal the game became calmer as the goals arrived. We need to find our style and philosophy, the rivals coming here must feel uncomfortable and we need to add the points three by three. As bigger is the mattress the better.”

He was also trying to remember when was the last time that he scored a hat-trick, “I scored a hat-trick in my first days at Sevilla Atlético, but it was a while ago. I can only thank the people that support me in good and bad moments. It was a pretty and the support of the public is important. We must thank them because today’s game was impressive. “

At Elche CF, coach Pacheta was feeling sorry for the result, “It’s impossible to win playing like this. We missed strength. If you have one and a half chance against Deportivo and not score, then we can only congratulate them when they grab the powerful wave and it’s time to turn the page. You learn a lot from the defeats, I saw some positive things and we are growing. We are going to be in the fight until the end.”



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