18 Oct 2018
Dani Giménez conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia; the goalkeeper talked of Depor’s current moment, the environment inside the changing room and how he and Órtola face the competition for the goal.

Q: The doubts have been shaken.
A: As a block we are being pretty good from the beginning. There was a lack of confidence in playing the ball to see the rivals running behind. Now as the minutes pass, you can see that the opponent has difficulty adapting to the pace and we are able to maintain a better possession compared to the first days, when we went further back and gave our opponents an option. The team is growing in all the lines. The forwards are better positionally, we’re finding more the playmaker and the group benefits.

Q: What’s behind the jump?
A: What has been achieved, what has changed and, especially, that people play much better with the ball in their position. From the beginning we were asked to work four or five specific things within our position, also taking into account what each rival does, and I think that there has been great improvement. We are being able to receive the ball almost always in advantage, and that obviously comes from a good job from the back, but also that both, the strikers and the attacking midfielders, are fixing their marks better.

Q: The proposal forces you to assume risks, one of those that could leave the keeper pointed for an error.
A: I enjoy this system. For my position, for my idea, I prefer to play like this than playing on long balls or trying to always look for the tallest striker. At the team level, I think that as we play, with this system, intelligent players shine, those who are able to read the play, who sometimes asks you to be a little more to the right or to the left. Minimal modifications but that have an impact. Knowing how to move according to others. Those are things that have improved in the last matches, on the one hand thanks to the confidence that the results give and on the other because people are playing with more intelligence. Without the ball we suffer, so we try to have it. In the end it's a matter of how you attack and how they attack you. If the ball is lost in attack, and with a defensive vigilance that’s being spectacular, you will be fine.

Q: And when they arrive they meet Domingos and Marí.
A: There's a lot of cheating game. It seems that they don’t reach you and in the end in a bad pass or a rejection, the forward is left alone and you can mess up. And that’s why it’s fundamental to have players of the level of the two of them, who never disconnect, always aware of what’s happening. But not only them, there are three very good left sides; on the right side we have David, but Geri [Gerard Valentín] has great potential; There’s Eneko, Michele [Somma], who has seen little, but I see him every day and I know what he can give. Resources with different styles to not lower the level.

Q: Are you one of those who believe in the theory that the key at the changing room is in those who play less?
A: If we want the promotion, it’s very important. There will be some day of bad faces or of fights between companions, because that happens in all places and is even a good signal, but the level contributed by those who enter from the bench is very high. The important thing is to maintain the good atmosphere all season long, because now it’s normal that everything goes well, we are starting; Then you will really see the type of changing room that we are, and I have no doubt that this is very good. I've been in too many.

Q: One of those who have no place at the moment is Ortolá, a young goalkeeper who was looking for prominence at Depor. How does he takes it?
A: It's part of football. The first thing is to work and in this goalkeeper's department, as I like to call it, we’ve very good vibes. In the end we are all together and Adri is a spectacular kid. The joy is big in trainings, and also from those who come from the academy, because the normal thing is that who plays is happy. He is the first to give me a hug, to wish me luck every time we play... In the end it is that, I give everything I can and he puts it as hard as possible.

Q: It’s a position in which to pull out the holder is especially difficult. You lived it.
A: Yes, and frustrates in certain occasions, but you have to see the level that the other goalkeeper gives. Maybe in my first season at Betis I would have deserved more minutes and yes it was a bit frustrating, but it is what it is. I’m very competitive, but also very companion, which is the most important thing. Like Adri. Some year at Betis I had some better offer than the renewal, but I choose depending on the feeling. The same happened when coming here. It has been a good choice and if things had not gone as they do now or don’t end well, I will be happy. It's about fighting for what you decide. Staying at Betis has allowed me to come to Depor. I don’t regret.

Q: Your career was on the rise until in Rayo [Vallecano]you crossed paths with Sandoval, today coach of Córdoba, and there was a fight in pre-season. Is that still present?
A: My career has been constant, training well, being a good companion... It’s true that at the time I arrived in order to take the place of Cobeño, and in that pre-season... Then I wanted to leave and the coach didn’t want me to leave, but it's not until the end of that season when I get the chance. These are things that happen, without more. I think that it didn’t change me for sporting reasons, but that's it. I've been with him later and everything was fine. Coaches are subject to very high pressure and sometimes they don’t understand things like you. Maybe if I had been caught with this age now, things wouldn’t have happened like that. Sometimes there are seconds that mark you in a season, but I wish him all the best.

Q: In Rayo you also coincided with Rubén. Surprised by his performance on the last campaign?
A: Yes. Rubén at Rayo made a very good season, our relationship is very good and last year I even sent him some messages and talked with him. I think it was a cluster of everything; Obviously the goalkeepers were not well, but things happened. Strange things

Q: You say that you hardly read the press and is quite critical with the use of social networks in football.
A: I'm not in favor of social networks in football, it's true. For some players is great at the level of self-esteem when things go well, but then you have to know how to manage them when things go wrong. If you have networks in the good moments, then learn to manage them in the bad moments. I'm not going to assume anything if people praise me or if they say I'm very bad after a failure. What you have to do is have self-criticism and stop blaming the environment. Football is a sport for the public and you have to focus on the work inside the changing room.

Q: You haven’t been able to fulfill the wish to play outside of Spain.
A: This summer I had the opportunity and one of the options was nice, in Turkey, but Depor came out and... That's why we closed it too soon here. Now I'm sure that at my age... Although, well, you never know.



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