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22 Oct 2018
Calm after the storm. No one wanted to talk about the referee, but the coach and players admitted that Depor didn’t play well and that Córdoba deserved the draw an even a better result.

Coach Natxo González didn’t hide that Depor played a bad game, “In a football sense we started wonderfully, claiming the lead, later it was tough. They made us run having the ball, they had good transitions and we didn’t. We made bad decisions within the final meters and it wasn’t easy to unbalance them. We were too hurried. We didn’t make them ran as it happened to us. We were fine in the first half, and in the second they made changes and assumed risks, and we didn’t know how to claim a bigger advantage.”

He was upset with the referee, but didn’t want to fire the environment and only stated that, “About the referee, unluckily I cannot defend myself, we cannot defend ourselves from anything. We must shut up, so we must swallow it and it’s the same thing of always. I cannot defend myself, because if I do it then I will be more affected.”

Later, after skipping two questions about the referee and the incident with Borja Valle, he ended the press conference saying that the result was fair for both teams, “It was a fair result after all and the best thing from this game is the result.”

Dani Giménez was the best player in the game, he also shared the view that the rival as superior, “It was a game from Segunda, a game to suffer. The team was surpassed by Córdoba, either with eleven men or with nine, and in the end the taste is that we lost two points. We must learn from mistakes and must think of the next game at home. Córdoba was better, they are fine at home, maybe they have been unlucky. They were superior today and the team must analyze what we did badly.”

About the referee, the keeper had a fresh view, “I don’t want to talk of the referees. We all are human and you make mistakes. Many times they must learn how to manage all the moments. Borja is a good guy and surely he was wrong. Borja must learn from this and that’s all.”

Quique González was commenting the meeting, “It started with an early goal from us and it ended with a late goal from them. Truly they were superior in some phases and we couldn’t manage the 1-0, but we had clear chances to claim the 2-0. Despite Córdoba is the last place they play good football. You don’t dominate in all the games and it was time to suffer. If we would have scored in one of our counterattacks, then it would have ended in a different way.”

José Ramón Sandoval was feeling impotent as his team was unable to win, “I don’t now what we must do in order to win a game. We completed 22 shots, we gave everything and fell down after allowing a goal at minute 2. Dani Giménez was the best player of Deportivo, and that says everything, we missed good luck.”

He didn’t want to say anything about the referee after the protests from Deportivo, “I don’t want to talk of the referees. Once the game is over then it’s over and you cannot say anything about it. The act is closed and that’s it.”



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