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22 Oct 2018
Only a few times a referee can cause an earthquake like it happened with Saúl Ais Reig. Even the agent of Borja Valle was accusing him of lying.

The game with Córdoba CF has been shaken by the polemic job of referee Saúl Ais Reig, throughout the game he was showing a double standard been more benevolent with the local team, something that can be considered as normal in the league.

The problem is what happened within the last fifteen minutes. At minute 78, Pablo Mari was sent off after cutting a counterattack by Córdoba CF. In the play Borja Valle clearly fouled the attacker first, he was able to continue with the play, and later the Valencian defender cleared the ball without committing a foul.

So, if the referee was going to whistle the foul it should have been for the first action. Since Mari was already booked for a foul at the beginning of the second half, a second yellow was shown. Only six minutes Borja Valle was sent off too.

The striker was hit by a rival with the elbow, it seemed an accident, but the player fell to the ground as it was connected in the face. This is when the controversy begins, according to the players who talked behind the mics to reports the referee told him to not be “teatrero” (playgoer).

Then Borja immediately stood up and told him “scoundrel”, the referee, without thinking twice, showed the direct red card and later wrote in the act that he was called “scoundrel of shit” twice. First during the action and later when the striker was leaving the pitch.

The same report says that the referee also used the same words each time the players of Depor were on the ground, like it happened in the cases of Krohn-Dehli and David Simón. The players believe the referee was trying to provoke them. The agent of Borja Valle, Rodrigo Fernández Lovelle, went beyond and accused the referee of lying.

He wrote a message in Facebook saying that the referee was exaggerating the words of the attacker in order to have a bigger punishment against him. The attacker could receive a ban of six games, two for insulting and later for doing it twice. For protesting the same play Natxo González was sent off too, according to the act he only complained that “It was a joke and the same thing of always.”

It isn’t the first time that Ais Reig is accused by a Segunda club. In 2015, the year of o his debut in the league, he had two controversial games that affected Real Zaragoza. In the first he invented a penalty in the home game with Real Valladolid (0-2), and in the second he was accused of swallowing three penalties and not showing a red card to a player from Ponferradina in a game that ended 1-1. In 2016 he sent off a player of Cádiz for been drinking water and was accused of whistling an inexistent penalty, still Cádiz managed to win the game against SD Huesca (1-0).



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