25 Oct 2018
Ex-Depor Juan Dominguez conceded an interview to La Voz de Galicia, the midfielder, who now plays for FC Reus, analyzed his career at Segunda and remembered his stage in A CoruŮa.

Q: For the first time you will play as a visitor at the Riazor.
A: Yes. It's going to be special and pretty weird for me.

Q: Are you now a fan of Deportivo in the distance?
A: Well, above all I'm focused on Reus, which we already have enough here, and I follow the rest of the results, including those of Depor.

Q: But will you want the best, including the promotion?
A: Yes, of course, I wish you all the best, as long as it doesnít harm my team. I hope to win on Saturday, but as far as it doesnít affect us, I wish you the best possible.

Q: In Segunda you shone with Depor in the two promotions, what did you lack to consolidate yourself at Primera?
A: Well, Primera is much more difficult. When you are in Segunda in a winning team or that fight for the promotion and things go well and you are winning the majority of the games, more or less is to maintain keep the inertia. But in Primera the normal thing is losing more than winning and there are many defeats and bad streaks, so there are many more rotations because when things go wrong you have to vary things, there are changes of coaches and so on. Many times I was in those changes.

Q: Do you consider yourself a player of Segunda or Primera?
A: I donít consider myself in any category. I just focus on doing my best and later football puts me where it has to put me. Nothing else. I try to do what depends on me.

Q: Did your status of homegrown player influence to have less continuity at the elite?
A: I prefer not to enter into that. These are issues that generate a lot of controversy and I prefer not to comment on it. Itís a very complicated issue.

Q: Caballo was promoted this summer from Fabril, do you think that now they bet more on the academy?
A: I donít know. Now, since I am no longer inside, it would be unfair to assess.

Q: There are few colleagues from your stage at Depor, will be special the reunion with Alex?
A: With whom I have a more intimate relationship is Alex, although last season we already faced each other. Thatís something I already experienced, but heís now again with Deportivo and thee will be a special sensation.

Q: With Saķl you coincided at Mallorca, are you happy about his breakthrough?
A: Much. First, because he is a very good person and I like him very much; and second, because he deserves it. He always works hard, continues to believe, and is a prize he deserves completely.

Q: Do you have the perception that Depor now have a more united changing room?
A: At least it gives that feeling. From the outside itís like now the team is much more compact, more solid, going in the same direction. I think that in that aspect it improved a lot.

Q: Could this be the most special or rare match of your career?
A: With all the moments that I lived, the most special of my career is very far from it. The weirdest can be, I will not know until I live it and until I'm there. It is something that could happen. Seeing me as a visitor in Riazor will be quite strange.

Q: What kind of reception do you expect from the fans?
A: I have no idea. It's something I donít even think about. Iím simply focused on preparing the game, getting there as well as possible and, once there, whatever happens it will happen in all aspects. Neither is something thatís important to me.

Q: After one year in Mallorca and two in Reus, do you reaffirm that you did the right thing leaving Deportivo?
A: I think so. At least it's the feeling I have. Both in Palma and in Reus, the experience was positive. In Mallorca, collectively, it didnít go well and individually I had many minutes. The treatment of the people, the fans and the city was of ten points in Mallorca and ten points in Reus. Right now, the human group that we have still leaves me amazed. I never saw anything like it in professional football. As much with directors, as with coaches, employees and players, there is a humility, respect, education and kindness thatís incredible and is not habitual to live it. I am delighted because I always put the personal aspect first than the professional.

Q: Didnít you live that in A CoruŮa?
A: Itís different. Here it is much more marked. It's more familiar, funkier. It reminds me a bit of my origins, of the village teams that were often run by people from the town itself. Everyone knows each other, and they are a great family. That nowadays in modern football is a little harder to see.

Q: Are you enjoying football?
A: I am very happy. We had bad times, because of the problems with the inscriptions, which affect us, but in addition to the human treatment, itís a style that I like. I have some spectacular companions and a very good quality of life. The true is that I am very happy in Reus.



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