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01 Nov 2018
The debt is finally under the €100 million, the relegation won’t affect the finance of the debt as it was already established that the payment is cut in half. Still, the existence of debt is still impacting the salary cap.

The shareholders meeting of Deportivo is taking place at the end of the month and the club already sent the financial reports to its shareholders regarding the period 2018-2019. The balance sheet presents a debt that’s inferior to €100 million. The debt is manageable, even with the team at Segunda, but continues to affect the cash available for the competition.

The global debt of Deportivo is now €94.2 million, close to the half of the starting point in the bankruptcy case (€160.4 million). The good thing is that the major part is long-term debt: €82.7 million (88%). The remaining €11.33 million is short-term debt (to be paid within one year).

This situation is possible after signing a loan with ABANCA for €45 million to be paid within 15 years. During the season 2017/18 the club paid €3 million to the bank and one additional million to the bankruptcy debt. For this campaign the amount is cut in a half as part of the signed agreement with the bank.

Despite the payment of the debt seems feasible and under control, it still affects the club as it reduces the available money to build up the squads, something really important since the creation of the salary cap rule. It explains why Depor in the past had less salary cap compared to other smaller teams, but that at the same time had zero debt like the case of SD Eibar.

The evolution of the debt since the bankruptcy:

Year Amount
2014 €160.4 million
2015 €129.79 million
2016 €116.32 million
2017 €100.87 million
2018 €94.2 million



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