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12 Nov 2018
The rival had the ball, but the punch and the vertical game of Depor made the difference. Quique and Carlos Fernández have scored more goals that several teams in the league.

The five notes from the game Vs. Real Oviedo

1- The biggest score in the hardest game: It sounds like an irony, but Deportivo conquered one of their biggest wins of the season in the hardest home game played so far. The Galicians have played six home meetings already, including hosting promotion aspirants like Granada CF and Málaga CF, and this is the first time in which they didn’t have the ball (only 44%). Still, they found the way to score four goals.

2- The difference: the punch: Depor had eight chances to score in the game and ended seizing the half of those opportunities for a comfortable lead. No matter how many problems the team is facing on the pitch, the current punch invites to be optimistic, because Depor would only need a few chances to net a goal and increase the chances of earning points. 

The punch of Deportivo looks more important taking in mind the situation of the rival. Real Oviedo had the ball, but only completed a shot on target until minute 60. Ibra Baldé even missed an easy goal hitting the post before an empty net (89’). No matter who is having the ball in a game, the punch can make the difference, and in this opportunity that difference was huge.

3- Vertical game: The key to Deportivo was to be vertical, which means to attempt longer passes in order to search for an attacker without mark instead of making lateral passes trying to open up the rival. It is what Natxo González described as “running”, because the players have to run more in order to reach the ball. Three of the four goals arrived after a counterattack, the second after a long pass of Edu Expósito in which Quique took advantage of Forlin’s passive attitude.

4- No cards shown in the game: For the first time on the season Depor played a game in which no cards were shown. Daniel Ocón Arráiz opted to not punish the fouls with cards, something that the Galicians should appreciate after the big number of red cards shown to the Galicians. Still, the referee should have booked some players of both sides as there were some tackles that deserved it.

5- 15 goals for Quique and Carlos Fernández: Deportivo have scored 23 goals in 13 matchdays, and 15 of those goals were netted by Quique González or Carlos Fernández. So, combined these men have score more goals than 11 of the 22 clubs in the league.




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