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12 Nov 2018
Depor’s coach and his players are aware that the rival gave problems, but emphasized the virtues of the team. Oviedo’s coach believes the result is too much punishment for them.

Coach Natxo González was satisfied and saying that the important thing is that his team knew how to run in order to counter the game of the rival, “It was a good game against a good rival, so I am satisfied. What we try to do is to dominate the major part of the stats and, when the game is equal and the rival counteract us, what this structure gives us is that we can run, it is made to this. It’s good to win a game like this, running, reaffirming what we said since the first day: that we need to make a good first pass, and when we make a good first pass, then we have fast people in order to run.”

He admitted that Oviedo gave problems to his side, “I am always worried for the bold letter. We weren’t fine in the positional game, the yield of the players wasn’t fine, but if we want to be where we are right now, then there will be games like this and we need to play in other way, ad that other way is running. If they are having the ball then we need a good defensive structure and search for the transitions. “

Asked about the big number of goals sored by Quique and Carlos Fernández, Natxo commented that, “They are there for that, it’s good for them. But if the punch is there it is for something, there are things before that as there were opportunities in which the only thing left was to push the ball in. The individual performance was lowering and it’ important to see them going up again.”

Quique González also accepted the fact that Oviedo gave problems, and emphasized that Depor were effective, “When the game is equal you always have the strategy, and we claimed the advantage in a corner. Within the difficulty we were able to score in our chances, this is a matter of seizing the chances and be effective at both areas, 4-0 and three points. Sometimes you have six chances and score in all of them, sometimes you don’t score anything. Football is like this.”

He was also feeling happy for the ovation from the fans when the striker was replaced, “To come as a new player to a club like this, and with these great fans, it’s a pride to receive an ovation like this after 13 matchdays. I will keep working the same or better in order to help the team, so people can enjoy with us.”

Carlos Fernández was commenting the game, “I am content for the victory, because the game was complicated. It was a hard match against a hard rival. We weren’t fine, maybe we missed precision with the ball and we needed to be more vertical, and the first three goals came like this. The three points stay at home and the important thing is that we are keep adding and bringing joy to the fans.”

The Andalusian was also talking of his understanding with Quique, “It’s a pleasure to play with Quique. I am content of having a good connection with him. He is a wonderful striker and there is also a good connection with the rest of the partners, this is good to us.”

At Real Oviedo, Juan Antonio Anquela was saying that it was too much punishment for his side, “We must analyze the game with calm. It’s a big result taking in mind what both sides deserved. We played well in many phases of the game, and in the first opportunity for them we were already losing. In the second half we knew we were going to face with the counterattack, there were risks and that’s the reading of the game”




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