16 Nov 2018
Diego Caballo conceded an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa, the left-back talked of the competence at his position, the situation of Depor and how he has faced a new life with the first team.

: Is it an atypical week?
A: Yes, very long. The important match is on Monday. The Teresa Herrera is to enjoy, to try to keep the trophy at home, but especially the important game is on Monday.

-Q: Are you satisfied for returning to the starting eleven soon after the injury suffered in Alcorcůn?
A: I'm very happy. You have to return to the level that you previously had and regain that trust you had before.

Q: Are you having problems recovering that form you had prior to the injury?
A: Itís always hard. When you stop due to an injury, illness or any other kind of thing, it's always hard to go back to the level you were before.

Q: How is your competition with Saķl on the left side?
A: Very healthy. What that competition does is the improvement of both and the team.

Q: Natxo seems to still trust you.
A: That confidence of the coach always helps the player, but you have to trust yourself always.

Q: What does the coach ask from the side defenders?
A: To be protagonists, each one in the functions that mark the position. The side defenders have the function of giving amplitude and depth to the team, and in defense to help the team, to swing and to tighten. Each position has its function and each player has its own.

: With this system the sacrifice is huge, is that constant return the most demanding of your career?
A: Possibly yes, but not because of the system, but because of the league. The league demands more from you and you have to give more. If you join system and league, possibly yes.

Q: In addition to running more, do you also have to decide faster?
A: Itís clear. Itís reducing the time to think. That's what the league are for. Every time you go up you can see it. Decision making is much faster and has to be much more precise.

Q: Is to release a cross always your goal or there are other possible offensive solutions?
A: Every time you get up there is a different decision making. Not always the play calls for the same and you have to try to choose well.

Q: Depor is a steamroller in Riazor, but on the road it still costs more.
A: Itís difficult to play away from home, itís always difficult to score. The rival presses, people squeeze and the games are always more complicated.

Q: What game do you foresee on Monday in AlmerŪa?
A: It's going to be a one-on-one match. We have to become strong in the things we know we do well and, above all, be like the other day, that the chances we have can end on the net.

Q: Against Oviedo, did we see the most practical version of Depor?
A: It can be. You will not always be good with the ball and you will not always find yourself comfortable on the pitch, and you show other resources that the team also has.

Q: A pity that in Almeria you will not be able to have Carlos Fernandez, who is with the U-21 squad.
A: Yes. He has scored goals, he adds work and is a participant in almost all the actions of the game. It will be an important loss, but we will try to improve it or equal it.

: As the matchdays pass, the team assimilates Natxoís system.
A: Yes. It can be seen. The team is learning automatisms much faster, the movements are more fluid and the essence of the team is noticed.

: Is Depor the Segunda team that plays a more colorful football?
A: For the type of players we have is the kind of football we have to do. I donít know if itís more showy or not, but for us itís more practical. Finding other things that donít suit us, it doesnít make us good.

: Against Oviedo, was a demonstration that there is also a plan B?
A: What happened the other day is also worked. You will not always be good with the ball and you will not always be the protagonist of the game. You have to know how to suffer. It was seen the other day that the team knew how to suffer and in the end the punch that we have is what makes us different.

Q: Can the fact of having a large squad end up in the long term marking differences with perhaps more limited teams?
A: It's a very long season, with many games, and you have to be prepared for everything. We have 24 or 25 players who can be involved in any game, who can do well in any matchday. Thatís competition and that high level we are having throughout the week is what makes it difficult to prepare the starting eleven every Sunday. Thatís what will make us get in the best possible way to the end of the season.

Q: Deporís numbers are remarkable, but you still cannot reach the zone of direct promotion.
A: The important thing is to be there and to be able to strike at any moment and place. There are other teams that are doing a great season just like us and we have to fight for being there. The important thing is not to take off, it is to be able at any time to get there, and when we are there, then try not to leave.

Q: A few months ago you were at Fabril and now are a starter at Depor; is it being fulfilled all that you dreamed of?
A: Yes. Being in a team like Deportivo and fighting for a promotion is always very beautiful, and thatís what people dream and what we all dreamed about.

Q: During summer you decided to stay to fight to convince Natxo. You risked and won.
A: In life it is a matter of risk. If you donít risk it, then itís very difficult for you to get things done.

Q: Do you suffer for Fabril?
A: Yes, of course, because in Fabril I have, apart from colleagues, great friends, and I suffer. They donít deserve the situation they are having. I hope and wish they are pulling up because they deserve it. They are great players and little by little I hope they go up.

Q: Do you see yourself as a reference for the academy players?
A: Any player that climbs from Fabril to the first team, especially in the first years, is a major incentive for the people who are in the teams below. When it seems that maybe it is farther than you think, then thereís someone climbing and participating, it seems that you donít stay that far and that you can get there.



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