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24 Nov 2018
Depor’s coach explained the cases of Álex Bergantiños, Pedro Sánchez and Ortolá. Osasuna’s coach says the game is difficult, but aspires to get a positive result.

Natxo González addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He talked of the state of the players and also confirmed that Mosquera is going to be a starter replacing Álex. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Ortolá: “He has spent two or three days with flu, he didn’t have a good night and stayed home. There’s the risk he won’t be ready tomorrow, so we will see how he evolves today and tomorrow.”

Borja Valle: “He was available, but I considered that he shouldn’t be in for the game. Nothing special, only that he has spent one month without competing and I understand that, right now, there are other players above him.”

The game: “There are many games like this on the season, because there are many candidates for the same goal.”

Osasuna: “They started irregular, and our bad luck is to face them now they are in the best moment of the season, with ten of the last twelve points. They are gaining regularity and with players with speed and quality, therefore it’s a pretty challenge.”

Is the team obsessed in not failing at home? “It shouldn’t be like that. If it happens then it’s bad, the only thing that matters is that the streak will give us tranquility. We will drop points at home throughout the season, that’s for sure, but we will try to see it arriving latter on the season. Right now it cannot be a pressure.”

Álex Bergantiños: “It’s problem in the back, it didn’t allow him to train, not even at 50%, he didn’t complete the last part of the session. Therefore he isn’t fit to play tomorrow.”

Pedro Sánchez: “It’s always something to be worried when a relapse occurs. We were valorizing in putting him in the roster for the game against Almeria, and suddenly he suffered a relapse. It’s a pity. The injury won’t last too long, I believe in ten or fifteen days he will be available.”

Mosquera is going to start: “I am glad to see him [Mosquera] in tomorrow’s game. He trained at the top and therefore he is ready to make a good game.”

Is Cartabia ready to be a starter? “It’s true that Fede has the problem of continuity, to be able to add minutes in order to have him as a starter and completing games. We will see if he can chain a good form and have more minutes, though it’s true he has added things coming out from the bench. He was decisive against Oviedo and against Almeria too. Let’s see if he can gain the form in order to play games.”

Jagoba Arrasate addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He is aware of Deportivo’s potential, but wants to see his team trying to achieve the victory. He is convinced that his side needs to be better in order to get something from this game. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Deportivo: "We face a great rival that, at home, is doing things very well. They are not only winning, but scoring a lot of goals. For us it’s a challenge. To get there and show that we can live up to them.”

Expectations for the game: "We are in that good moment of confidence and mood that comes after chaining three straight victories, knowing that it will be complicated, but it’s a good touchstone to see if we are so well. For been playing at home I guess they are favorites, but we go there with hope.”
How to face Depor at the Riazor? "It's true that they, especially at home, have a lot of possession and from the positional attack they dominate the games. However, against Oviedo they didn’t have the ball and destroyed them in the counterattack. But if we take the ball away from them, then it means we are doing things well.”

Praises after three straight wins: "It's been a week of compliments, but we have to improve the performance. We have to be better than before Tenerife if we want to win. We need to defend better, concede less, and in attack to be effective. If we do the things done in the last matchday, then it won’t be enough to win in A Coruña."

A more defensive Osasuna at the Riazor: “Another thing is what we can do. We are facing a team that usually surpasses the opponent in possession, occasions and goals. We are not going to give up our style, but there may be times when the script has to be another. "



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