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26 Nov 2018
The coach and the players were happy for the way Deportivo adapted to the circumstances of the game; Osasuna’s coach was saying the promotion of Depor is a matter of time.

Coach Natxo González was satisfied for the victory and also for how Depor faced the game taking in mind the pitch conditions, “We are content. We were already expecting for a tough game, and if we add the rain, the weather and the conditions of the pitch, then you start to have doubts. These games are complicated, especially taking in mind how we play. In the end we were fine, adapting to a situation that we hadn’t lived before. “

“Today we didn’t see the side defenders playing with the goalkeeper, we needed other way, and since the rain didn’t stop, we sought for other solutions and we were fine. I don’t like to stay only with only idea or style because, the more possibilities that any collective have in order to adapt, the better chances to win a game.” He added.

He also explained the positioning of some players, “We wanted to have more depth on the right, the weakest zone of the rival. The idea was to pull their side defender with Fede [Cartabia] or Quique. What happened is that it’s difficult to create danger if you don’t have the ball.”

Depor’ coach understands that the team cannot be celebrating the current position at the standings, “We cannot be talking of euphoria by matchday 15. We cannot be mad. A lot still ahead and cannot be crazy about it. We are in a certain lane, but beware. I am happy to be the leader, but no. Of course, I like to see myself as the leader, but I would prefer to be the leader by matchday 42. We have 30 points right now and that’s it.”

Finally, Natxo talked of Cartabia, “He is a different player, someone that brings opportunities if he is fine. Let’s hope he can have continuity and that we are able to control him. He is decisive within the last meters. He lacks order, that lack of order is very good, the only thing is to see him growing in other zones.”

Pedro Mosquera was talking of the game and the pitch conditions, “We had to search for a more direct game, searching for the back of the rival and we were fine there. The team is fine and searching for the chances. It was great to win taking in mind the pitch conditions, it’s important to adapt and we are also prepared to play games in which there’s a hard dispute for the ball.”

The midfielder played the full 90 minutes after only performing for 7 minutes in the previous month and a half, he commented that, “I try to do my best in the trainings, so there could be competence, and later it doesn’t matter who plays, the important thing is that Deportivo can be as far as possible. We must work in order to be ready when the team needs it.”

David Simón was content for how the team is competing, “We are fine at this point, been strong at home and adding points. We must continue like this and don’t stay in a comfort zone, as the coach says, but to search for more and hopefully we can stay up there.”

The Canarian was feeling sorry for missing the next game due to suspension, “I spent a while with four yellows and it happened like that. It’s a pity, hopefully the team can add the next three points. Surely the one entering for me will do a great game.”

At CA Osasuna, coach Jagoba Arrasate was admitting that Depor were the better side despite his side had the ball, “The weather conditions had an impact in the game, also the pitch conditions. It was an equal game and, within that, they were slightly better.”

He also said that the promotion of Deportivo is only a matter of time, “Deportivo is the team that I like the most. You surely are asking yourselves if Depor is going to conquer the promotion, I tell you it’s a matter of when. The feeling that I have is that we are one step below Depor, because it’s the team that’s evolving and that everyone must look. Only a few teams are at their level.”



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