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02 Dec 2018
Depor’s coach explained the cases with Cartabia and Christian Santos. Rayo Majadahonda’s coach was comparing his team to Deportivo.

Natxo González addressed the media on Saturday’s noon; he was explaining the injury of Cartabia and also commented on Christian Santos’ reaction for not playing. The following a summary of the things he said.

David Simón and Domingos Duarte: “We knew they had four yellows since some matchdays ago. Maybe, the best would have been that both won’t be out at the same time, but it’s like this. The positive thing is that it’s good for both to rest for one game.”

Cartabia: “Surprisingly, I was informed yesterday that he was injured. If it’s true that after the game with Osasuna he had issues, then it’s logical. For a player of his characteristics, for the 90 minutes that he played and for the state of the pitch, then it’s normal to see him having issues. At the beginning of the week it was a muscle problem, in any case he trained on Tuesday and Wednesday, then we reduced the pace and I talked to him on Thursday.”

“He was feeling tired in general and specially in that zone, but we decided that he should rest on Thursday. On Friday he worked and was saying that he was still having issues, then we decided to make scans today and surprisingly he has an injury. He is the one feeling screwed. He was going out of one injury and now it’s another one. We lose again a player that can mark the differences. We have enough players to face these problems.”

Playing at Cerro Del Espino: “I don’t know why we’re playing there, form all the sources it seems that the installations aren’t ready for a game of this league, but in any case, we have to play there and that’s it. The important thing is the state of the pitch, it will mark the kind of football that you can practice, that’s the only worry.”

Krohn-Dehli out of the game: “Yes, a tactical decision. Nothing special, only that it’s a game for a different profile.”

Bóveda or Valentín? “Any of them can adapt to the right side. Depending of tomorrow’s game one of them is going to play.”

Rayo Majadahonda: “It’s a team that tries to move forward having the ball. They have a lot of energy and a strong disposition when they don’t have the ball. It’s a pleasant surprise in the league, they are brave and try to search for superiorities. We are facing a good team, one that has surprised me.”

Away results: “I already said that I want to continue with these results. We have high demands and we need to improve, but not because we are worried for the results, but because we need to search for the best way in order to win. We are the second-best visitor, but it’s true that we demand a lot and we search for the best way in order to win.”

Christian Santos: “He will have to adapt to the system if he wants to play, if not it will be hard. Truly he is a different player, but has two options: to adapt and not to do it. If he does it then he will have more options to play, if not then he won’t have those chances and he knows it.”

Antonio Iriondo addressed the media on Saturday’s noon. He was comparing Depor’s style of playing with his team, he is also convinced that his team is growing up. The following a summary of the things he said.

“Playing at Cerro Del Espino: “I don’t know if the improvements are done or not, I guess that no, but the stadium will be ready, at least it is what they promised to us.”

Problems with the injuries: “Yes, but eleven men are going out and they will do it willing to win the game, as we always do.”

The state of the team: “The best feeling that a player can have is that it’s improving, and the stats say that we are improving in all the lines. It’s a pity to have so many injuries, but we are improving and that’s the best motivation.”

Similar style to Depor: “We have similar numbers compared to Deportivo. The ball possession, the number of passes, the number of arrivals. What happens later is that they score and we don’t. The side that can be more faithful with its style will have more chances to win. We will try to be that side, but won’t be easy to do it against a team like Deportivo.”

Visit of a former champion in la liga: “It’s something without precedents, but we neither played before in this league and people are hopeful, so I am happy to see the fans waking up.”




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