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10 Dec 2018
Two very different halves in a game where Natxo González failed to correct the mistakes on the sides. Still, Depor still adding points and it already has the best unbeaten streak of the century.

1- Day and night: Game with two very different halves. In the first Deportivo were the superior side, because Numancia were trying to attack and lacked depth, while it left big lagoons at the back, so every attack had the chance to end in a clear chance to score. In the second half the visiting side changed the scheme and started to play with quick transitions searching for the opposite side.

Depor never knew how to cover these moves and to make things worse it was losing the ball too quickly. Natxo switched the system, but it didn’t work, neither the changes. So, Depor dominated the first half scoring two goals and hitting the post twice, same outcome for CD Numancia in the second part.

2- Natxo failed with the changes: Coach Natxo González never interpreted correctly what his team needed in order to correct the issues of the second half. Depor were failing in how to cover the sides, but the changes were made at the middle. Álex Bergantiños replaced Mosquera, but the problem wasn’t the output of the ball, neither the entry of Krohn-Dehli was the solution and when Christian Santos entered the damage was done.

3- The weak point: the right side: Bad game by Eneko Bóveda, he never knew how to stop Alain Oyarzun when he entered in the second half ad both goals came by that side after the right-back failed to avoid the crosses. He even failed a clear chance to score the third goal. It’s also true that the midfielders failed in bringing the needed aids to him.

4- Another red card: The referee didn’t have any impact in the score, but it’s worrying that Deportivo already received six red cards despite been one of the teams that commits lesser fouls in the league.  This time Saúl García was sent off in a rigorous call. It’s rigorous because the left-back was trying to connect the ball and in the movement his elbow passed close to the face of Fran Villalba, who simulated a foul. And the point was that it wasn’t the same criteria used with CD Numancia, side that left the game without cards despite committing 19 fouls, including two tough tackles by Escassi and Diamanka.

5- Wasting a two-goal lead: Deportivo wasted a two-goal lead for the first time in eleven months. The previous opportunity was in a home game with UD Levante at Primera (January 27). At the time it happened the same, the team went to half-time winning 2-0 and two consecutive goals from the Valencians left the scoresheet in a 2-2.

6- The best unbeaten streak in this century: Despite the bittersweet taste for dropping two points, Deportivo are still adding. The Galicians have spent twelve games without losing, which is the best streak of the century and the best since the 18 games without losing of the Primera campaign 1996/97.



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