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12 Dec 2018
Dani Giménez is disappointed with the way in which Deportivo dropped two points against CD Numancia; he also warned about the next game against Real Zaragoza.

Dan Giménez addressed the media on Tuesday’s morning; he was criticizing the team for the performance had against CD Numancia, “I think the second half was the worst we've done this season. Maybe not in terms of football, because in the end we had chances to score, but playing at home, winning 2-0... you leave with the feeling of letting the rival grow. When there is an opposing team that makes merit to submit you, because there will be, then it’s necessary to go back and defend. But when you are yourself, for whatever reason, the one who gives those facilities, you end up suffering without having to. Maybe we should be defending with a higher pressure.”

"We came talking about that away marches and that we needed to take a step forward in terms of overtaking lines and not letting the rivals to play with the ball, and we didn’t focus so much on home matches, because the results were good, but in the end, if you are asleep, then any team can beat you " He added.

The keeper denied that it was an issue of relaxation, “It wasn’t relaxation, perhaps trying to control the changes of orientation and their wingers. We went back and then, when we wanted to start and do that high pressure again, it was hard and too late. The rival grows, loses fear and respect and we couldn’t match the intensity and they have good players in attack."

Then he explained why he reacted late in the play of the second goal, “We were lacking intensity at the defensive level and once Oyarzun is left alone in the front, I’m more aware of the shot than the cross. It’s a great technical gesture and the ball passes so close to the first centre-back that I didn’t know if he would touch it or not. I knew that the rival was there, but those seconds that the ball flies... I came to cover more desperately than anything else. These are situations in a game and we have to learn."

About the situation at the standings, he commented that, “I expected the standings will be like this. I still maintain that as a team we are the most compensated one, but there’s still a lot to b played and it’s difficult to win. We are all in a fist, but we only have one third of the League. The most complicated days remain ahead and it’s important to be there in the last third. It's going to be hard, there are a lot of people stuck there. "

Finally, Giménez was warning that the next rival, Real Zaragoza, is going to be tough despite their current situation at the standings, “The next game is very important, we face a rival that has a bigger potential of what they demonstrate at the standings, let’s see how we react.”



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