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18 Dec 2018
Depor didn’t play as well as in previous games and made the differences thanks to the set-pieces, a game marked by the constant changes at midfield and that saw Quique González and Borja Valle scoring again.

The seven notes from the home game Vs. Real Zaragoza

1- Boring game: Refreshing victory after the upsetting game against CD Numancia, but it must be admitted that the game was also boring. The strategy of Real Zaragoza worked in large frames of the first part, but the Aragonians didn’t have depth in attack and were reduced to only two chances to score in the whole game. Meanwhile, Deportivo claimed the lead thanks to the set-pieces and administrated the result in the second part, lacking the dominance and scoring opportunities of past games. The last thirty minutes were dull and without any excitement.

2- The dance at midfield: The constant changes at midfield were the flavor of this game. Zaragoza started the game putting pressure over Álex Bergantiños, like it happened in previous games Depor were jammed due to this pressure over the midfielder more delayed on the pitch, but it was fixed when he and Vicente Gómez exchanged positions, it lead to the best moment of Depor in the game and the last two goals.

In the second part, Zaragoza mutated and started to play also with a trident at midfield, James Igbekeme entered and Depor also made a tactical change as Álex returned to be the midfielder more delayed on the pitch. Then Zaragoza reshuffled the draw with the entry of Pombo, who began to perform as a playmaker in the quest for depth. And Depor replied with the entry of Krohn-Dehli, who replaced Vicente Gómez as the Galicians sought for more balance at midfield. The constant changes in the sector ended to be more entertaining than the game itself.

3- The set-pieces: Three goals for Deportivo and all of them came in set-pieces, the free-kicks turned to be a real nightmare for Zaragoza and the most entertaining thing in the game, the one of the first goal was brilliant as it fooled the whole Zaragoza’s squad as they were expecting for a cross and a possible header. All these actions are trained every week with Alejandro Esteve, one of the members of the coaching staff.

4- The great game by Pedro Sánchez and Edu Expósito: One of the main novelties in the game was to see Pedro Sánchez as a starter. He ended to be the most determinant player in the game as he was the one taking the free-kicks, which granted him two assists. He was also important developing the game of Deportivo, later Natxo González explained that his presence was also due to take advantage of his ability to seize two-on-one situations and to help in defensive tasks cutting the rival’s counterattack.

Meanwhile, Edu Expósito continues to grow. It’s now usual to see him having games with a passing accuracy above the 90% (92% in this one) and is learning to come from the second line, in this opportunity he was about to connect a cross coming from behind when he was fouled inside the area and it allowed to score the third goal from the penalty spot.

5- Ten goals for Quique González: The striker broke his drought of four games scoreless and reached a double-digit mark after only seventeen matchdays, the last player with a double-digit mark of goals at this stage of the season was Lucas Pérez (12, Primera season 2015/16).

6- The return of Borja Valle: It has been an inconsistent season for Borja Valle, he started with physical problems and was quickly pushed to the bench by Carlos Fernández and Quique González, then it came his red card against Córdoba CF and to see him stopped for a month, now he is taking advantage of Carlos Fernández’s injury and has scored twice his last three appearances. Definitely he striker’s role is one of the best covered positions at the squad.

7- The referee: For the first time on the season Depor have been favoured by a referee to the point to have an impact in the scoresheet. Referee Juan Luis Pulido and his assistant didn’t saw that Borja Valle was offside in the play of the first goal. Zaragoza also complained that Domingos Duarte was offside in h second goal, but that’s a more difficult thing to appreciate.



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