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18 Dec 2018
The coach and the players were satisfied for the result as Depor needed it, Bóveda even admitted some extra pressure, while Zaragoza’s coach was upset with the way in which the goals arrived.

Coach Natxo González was happy with the result as Depor reacted after the game against CD Numancia, “The important thing was the response of the team after dropping two points at home, because we never had that situation before, so the important thing was to witness the reaction from the group”

He explained why Pedro Sánchez was a starter, “We wanted to raise the team in attack, in that sense Pedro is smart and have tactical knowledge to try to block the rival and counteract two-on-two situations. Sacrifice and hard work it’s what you can extract from Pedro.”

The coach also explained why Álex Bergantiños was a starter, “You know that that zone has been moved a lot. They had two attackers with this structure, and I thought that Álex had more balance in three against two situations and prevent the counterattack. They search for internal corridors with Álvaro and Gual, so it can solve the situation.”

Natxo explained what happened with Depor at the start of the game, “We started wrong, we knew that the output of the ball should be with the side defenders, and it wasn’t like that; logically if you search for a side then the rival will be there, and if you split this output then the rival start to be more separated. We started to alternate and started to open a Zaragoza that was playing with a 5-3-2“

Eneko Bóveda was talking of the pressure faced by the team for this game, “In the end you were looking at the standings, and it was the first time that we had the nerves and the pressure to win the game, there are rivals in a good streak and we should avoid seeing them escaping. What happens on the field not only depend on you, what’s true is that, when you have a week in which the results aren’t what you expect, then you want a redemption.”

Edu Expósito believes that Depor was the best team in the game, “I believe we made a good game, it was intense and we added the thee points. We were superior today. It was important to win today and we need to continue adding. Last week we had that draw and we knew that we needed to be strong today, and it was like that.”

At Real Zaragoza, coach Lucas Alcaraz was upset for how the defeat occurred, "We have to be hurt, screwed, angry and upset, the situation requires that, in order to get out we have to frame it and look for solutions, we are there due to our lack of performance and capacity and external circumstances, but the professional athlete has to see the next game an opportunity.  They won with an absurd penalty and two goals in set-pieces that were offside. What happens is that a coach without results, whatever he says, has little credibility, but I trust in the ability of team and the coach, which has not been demonstrated, and what surrounds us, but we have to win now. Words without results have little credibility.” 




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