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22 Dec 2018
Depor’s coach believes that the need to win on the road should be a motivation and not a burden, while Cádiz’s manager said that Deportivo is the best team in the league.

Natxo González addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He was analyzing the game of Cádiz CF and wants to see the players motivated to win after four straight draws on the road. The following is a summary of the thig he said.

Nineteen players in the roster: “I don’t like to travel with the exact number when we are making long trips.”

Changes at the lineup? “We might have some change. I can only tell you that we will try to have the ball the major part of the time.”

Winning outside home: "It’s always a good time to win away from home. And if it's in a scenario like the Carranza, the better. I try that the players don’t think too much about this. It's how you interpret it. You can see that we haven’t won for a long time or that either you haven’t lost. We always try to win. The highest percentage of points added by the teams comes at home, there’s a lot of difficulty playing on the road and it’s one more incentive for us. That the time without winning would be motivating, not a burden."

Cádiz: "A very high percentage of their goals come from lateral crosses, they are very deep, with many crosses and a lot of arrivals, but they dominate several departments, they are able to run with spaces and without spaces they move the ball from the sides even though they aren’t deep. They have a lot of strength with Lekić and Carrillo and that's what the little ones seize later, the cleverest of the class. They push harder at their field, and being close to their area always carries risks. It’s a team that dominates the transitions and o two passes they end up at your area just with intensity."

Situation at the standings: "We want to be there very close, I'll be happier if we win than if we don’t, as always, it's a direct rival right now and if you achieve the three points then you increase the difference, but the important thing is to continue in our way. Well placed after eighteen matchdays and I am satisfied, everything can always be improved, but as a group we are satisfied.”

Winter Market: "We are good with what we have and, if there are exits, they will be covered, I imagine, I am asking for little and that doesn’t generate me doubts.”

Álvaro Cervera addressed the media on Friday’s noon. He expects a rival taking the ball and announced that Kecojević is going to replace injured Sergio Sánchez. The following is a summary of the things he said.

Ending the winning streak: “The streak ended in Málaga. It wasn’t the right game to end the streak, because it wasn’t our worst game, but football is like this. Now it’s time to move on.”

Deportivo: “Perhaps this is the best team in the league and it also has the best squad. They are demonstrating in on the playing field with the numbers they are achieving. They are strong in set-pieces and know how to manage the ball. They have a defined scheme and a clear idea of what to do. Besides, they are able to develop that idea having chosen players for each position and others coming from Primera.”

Expectations for the game: "Whatever you do, you will not be sure that you have everything tied as you want, they will always have a degree of imagination that may surprise us. We start from the basis that defence is the most important thing at our team. Tomorrow they will take the ball away and they will force us to defend, if we do it well, then we will have options, and if not, it will be more difficult.”

Casualties: “We have important casualties with Salvi and Sergio Sánchez, Kecojević is going to play for Sergio Sánchez, which is fine, although on a daily basis he is sadder than usual, because he plays a little less, but he’s a lad that trains better of what he plays. It's not that he trains poorly, but if you see what he does during the training it isn’t a scale of what he does playing, it's a very competitive player, Salvi's substitute is not clear to me, if Agra again Álex [Fernández]...”

Home performance: “Cadiz trends to be a team that, at home, have a clear idea of what we need to do. We are patient and don’t allow the rival to do too many things.”

Distraction with the holidays: "We do our best, because we don’t notice that there’s vacation after tomorrow’s game, although you don’t notice it, we all have family, some players haven’t seen their family members for a long time and everyone has the desire and it’s normal. you have it in your head, but you cannot avoid it, I take it well, because I don’t play."



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