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24 Dec 2018
Weird game, Cádiz CF clinched a big win, but their coach was the one sad for how his team played, while Depor’s coach and the players were hurt, but with a clean conscience about what they did on the pitch.

Coach Natxo González thinks that Depor didn’t deserve this punishment, “It’s a big result, it hurts and I don’t think we were so wrong to deserve this big loss, but it was defined in both areas. They were effective in ours and we didn’t do it at theirs, it was the difference.”

He was defending he new system with three centre-backs, “It was the best from the game, we made the game that we wanted, but it wasn’t the result that we sought. We made many thinks in the good way, but they penalized us in some punctual actions. We created a lot of opportunities, but failed to seize them. The game followed the plan that we wanted, but the result wasn’t the one that we expected.”

The coach also denied that the heavy loss is affecting the morale of the players, “Logically you would leave better if we would have won, but this won’t affect our run. We are in the right way and this continues. We are feeling hurt, but it isn’t affecting our spirit. The defeat isn’t affecting the confidence in the group.”

Borja Valle also thinks that Depor did a good job, actually he said it was the best away game of the season, “In the end the reality is that they defeated you. You were the protagonist for 95 minutes and in the end they seized their chances and we didn’t do the same. We left scared for the 3-0, but we had our chances and did everything to win.  In a personal sense I believe this is the best away game that we have played and it sounds like a contradiction as we leave with a 3-0.”

“In the first half we had chances and Cádiz did less in the second part. It is useless if you are better if you don’t seize your chances. Some days you miss to score your chances. We cannot be mad and start thinking that we are failing on the road. We must now rest and expect that things will continue to be fine.” The striker added.

Keeper Dani Giménez also believes the score is deceiving, “It was a game in which the effectivity in both areas marked the result and nothing more. I believe it was the expected game, we controlled the game as we worked it, but you still lost. This is football. This is not conformism, you cannot be mad. The change of system increased our alternatives, it’s good to have these new alternatives. If we would have had more aim, then the third goal would not have arrived as we were too unbalanced. With aim the result would have been different.”

At Cádiz CF, Álvaro Cervera said that his team didn’t play as he expected, “We have not played as we wanted, because it’s true that we don’t care if the opposing team has the ball, but we cannot be defending so far behind. When you play so far you steal, but you don’t come out, it costs you more, even more when we don’t have alternatives on the wings as Salvi is injured... We move forward thanks to the wingers."

"We have courage, strength, stamina, call it whatever, and sometimes those things in football are imposed. In the end we arrive alive and if the rival has to risk, what happened may happen. They have played well, we don’t, but we have that thing that makes us competitive and dangerous. They talk about the promotion, of Primera, and when these teams come, we come across with reality, teams that do what they want and arrive to our zone without much trouble. A team that had lost a game to get here. We could play something else, it would be more colorful, but it would not give us enough things to win these games. We have won, but the normal thing isn’t this ending.” He added.



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